Group 3 – Mixed Friends – June 20 to 23

Our third group of new and returning friends left this morning, on our changeover day as we welcomed our next group. Four wonderful days of fun, food and fishing were had by everyone and we were very sad to say goodbye!

At the beginning of their trip – Friday and Saturday – the fishing started slowly but soon heated up with lots of Springs and Halibut.

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Group 2 – Whirlpool/Trail – June 16 to 20

This morning we said goodbye to our good friends from Whirlpool who brought along 22 of Trail appliances best sales people for their 6th consecutive trip to the lodge. With four days of wonderful fishing, almost everyone went home with their limit of Chinook and Halibut, plus several brought back some nice Lings to the dock. This group had some of the best fishing that we’ve seen in years and although only one Tyee was caught, many of the salmon were in the upper twenties.

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A Great start to the 2014 season at Sund’s Lodge!

Welcome to the 2014 season at Sund’s Lodge!

A lot of people came to help us get ready this year and the most famous was Mr. Bernie Knibbs from Thunderbay, Ontario who just left this week. Thanks for all your help, Bernie!

At the beginning of the season, our friends from Sysco brought all of the food to the lodge for our amazing new menu, which we are very proud and excited to serve you this Summer.

The next day, three hours of early morning fishing for these ‘Sysco Guys’ brought some great fish and they returned to Victoria very happy.

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A Great Finish To Our 2013 Season!

Hello again to all who read these musings on fishing and other exciting Sund’s Lodge happenings by me, Millartime.

We have had a fantastic group of people in from Minnesota, BC, and Washington over the past week. Also great was the weather again this week. The marine mammals were out in full force everywhere, too. I was netting a herring ball, and we had just drifted 20ft. away from the ball, when a humpback came up beside us and ate the rest of the herring in several lunges. It was awesome to witness so close! Humpbacks were breaching and tail slapping everywhere this week as well, including a multiple breach ‘a distance’ from Big Jim’s boat in Mitchell Bay. Orcas were circling Lizard Point while we were on the beach there for our Bistro, and porpoise, sea lions, and seals were everywhere during the week!

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