July 22nd-25th

This past weekend we had a great group of people come and relax with us! Erich Armbruster- a long time friend of ours, came along with his father Larry. Their friends Graham and Willow joined, along with their siblings Nola and Danny! Paul and Paula came along too with their mother Jane. The “fishbowl” crew, Terry, Philip, Doug, Rick, Steve and Rickey came up to do some fishin’ as well! The trip started out strong, and Erich and Larry had some good luck with LJ as they came in with a 14, 7, and 23 pound chinook. On Jason’s boat, Rick caught a 19 and there were a few nice coho. We enjoyed a beautiful day for a burger boating once again, and the guys on the water had a good day of fishing. Jane and Paula picked up a couple low teeners, and Tanner and Jennifer had an interesting time getting in after they had a cancelled flight! They missed the first afternoon of fishing but they made up for it on the first full day when they caught a couple chinook in the low 20’s along with a couple beauty coho! Willow and Danny picked up a few nice sized chinook with Ben, but our largest salmon of the day was caught by Phillip and weighed in at 27lbs from Captain Jacob’s boat! Lizard point was once again the spot for the beach bistro, and our guests enjoyed some wine and a lovely lunch in the sun. This was a good day for chinook, and a couple 20 pounders were caught by Steve and Erich, and Doug and Phillip both caught 17lbers! Danny caught a 26, and a whole pile of Coho’s came in. The last morning Tanner and Jennifer had good luck once again, pulling in a 17 pounder as well as a nice coho and pink. Paul caught a 17 pound chinook, and Rickey caught a nice 18 pounder with Conan. The pink’s and coho are coming through stong along with some really nice sized ‘nookies! There is constant action on the rods, and the guides are having a hard time keeping the smaller salmon off in search of those springs! We look forward to our guests to come, and we are thinking of those who have come and gone and wishing you all a wonderful summer!

Clic here to see photos from this trip! 

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July 19th-22nd

Happy Sunday everyone ūüôā I hope your day is as sunny as ours! This past weekend we had team Nebraska come along for a little fishing, as well as a crew of guys from Phoenix who work construction! From Florida, the Seigel’s came to try some fishing too. Unfortunately there was a bit of rain during this trip, so the gumboots and rain pants went to good use. However, we have 10 days of sun in the forecast! A little rain didn’t get this crew down however. Princess Joy graced us with her presence at dinner after being crowned for her 22 pound chinook caught on Jason’s boat! The coho are coming through strong, and quite a few hit our docks this trip. On burger boat day Judy pulled in a 9lb yellow eye, and Brian caught a 9lb lingcod. Mike pulled in a 22 pounder as the biggest of the day. A few halibut came in this trip as well, and they were prefect size for eating! The last morning was super hot, and Kevan got a 27lber with Ben, and Todd got a 25, Brad a 18, and Mike caught a 29 pounder to top off the trip!! We had a greta time with all of you, keep in touch!! Tight lines.Click here to see photos from this trip!

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July 15th-18th

Holy s**t Neptune, that was a trip like we ain’t never seen before!” *In a Boston accent* It’s been a few years since these guys have been up to fish with us, but they took over the lodge for this past weekend and they all felt like old friends. Neptune brought up 18 of their crew, and we fished hard!! On the first afternoon, I am not even sure if they went fishing but they definitely got into a few Kokanee’s while on the boats! Bob hooked a beauty 14lber, and a 5lb coho, while Dana got a nice sized coho both on Smitty’s boat! Don also caught a big coho with Capt. Jacob! These guys had unbelievable weather during their stay with us, and there didn’t seem to be a breath of wind at any point. With the water like glass on the first morning, these guys set out feeling a little foggy after a night of playing pool ect. ect. in conference centre. Burger boat day was absolutely beautiful, and Tony got a nice yellow eye, and the coho are sure coming through strong. On Smitty’s boat, Craig got a 16lber and Mike pulled in a 24 pounder. Another yellow eye came in on Ben’s boat by Mitch along with an 18, and Edries got a 14! Another picnic was enjoyed on Lizard Point, which was spectacular. Luckily Georgia found Jeff’s forgotten soother on the beach before they left so he could make it through the rest of the day! Conan’s boat once again came in with a boat full of salmon. Steve, Dana and Louis all had chinook ranging from 13-23 pounds. Jay and Jef tied for the big fish with 26 pounders, but Jay admitted the crew on his boat may have tampered with the fish to make it heavier.. but really, how much water can a fish hold? These guys had a great time reminiscing and going through the old photo books from the early 2000’s when Neptune used to bring crew’s up and wreak havoc at the lodge in their matching coats as they burnt their competitors signs. We need to re-name the boat in the yard the S.S. Neptune!! The last morning was sure hot, and Dave caught a 19, and Tony hauled in a beauty 23 with Jacob right infront of town! Don caught a nice 15lber and Dana caught a 10 pounder. We had a ton of fun with you guys, and we will miss you.Click here to see photos from this trip!

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July 12th-15th

Hey Everyone! This past trip was a group mostly from California, with the exception of our new friends Dee and Jess Torres from Washington. We had a large group of wine distributors come and teach us a bit about vino, and Barry Johnson brought a group of his buddies, and this was his ninth time here! The trip started out a bit slow fishing wise, but Dee hauled in a beauty on Smitty’s boat, weighing in at 27lbs on the very first afternoon! We lucked out with a beautiful calm day for burger boating, and the guests on the boats lucked out too! Suzette and Colby caught a few good sized chinook with Conan, and Jon and Brian got twin 13lbers with Jacob. Ben’s boat came in with a full fish box, and Barry, Steve, and John S caught their limits of chinook along with a coho each! Barry’s fish, however, weighed by far the most, weighing in at 31lbs! Congratulations Barry on joining the tyee club! ¬†The crew enjoyed a bistro boat the next day, with a hot lunch being served on the burger boat again so they could stick to fishing! Jess came in with a 10lber, Brian and Colby with twin 12lbers, and Suzette with a 13! The guys on Ben’s boat made VERY sure that they didn’t get sunburnt on this beautiful day. Check out the photos below and you’ll see what I mean. With the last morning of the trip came a little bit of wet stuff that was falling from the sky.. not sure what thats all about? However, the rain did get the fish biting! Jon N pulled up a nice 11lber, and Conan’s boat was once again on fire! Lem caught an 18 and a 15, and John S got a nice 11 pounder and a couple pinkys. Steve blew them all outta the water with a 26 pounder as the last fish of the trip! Thank you all for coming, we had a great time hanging out on the back deck, hot tubbing, and fishing with you! See you upstream.Click here to see photos from this trip!

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July 8th-12th

Happy Friday! What a week we’ve had. The Hy-Pro crew came to party with us one last time, and we’d like to wish the boss man Larry Hoeg a happy retirement! We also had an awesome crew of Seattle guys come to fish with us, Tyler, Bryan, Pieter and TJ. ¬†Also, Scott Anderson and his son Brett and son-in-law Ben came up after not being here for 4 years! We also had Rick and Lorne from the Vancouver area come join us, and we are so happy you enjoyed yourselves! It was great to see some familiar faces, and meet a few new guys! These guys were our first 5 day trip of the season, meaning they got to stay for an extra full day of fishing. To start out the first afternoon, the boys drank more beer than they caught fish, but Ben got bragging rights when his fish weighed in at 20lbs on the scale, and he didn’t let the rest of the crew forget it until the next day. Richard showed him up though with a 31lber with captain Benjamin, and Dave also got a 25lber with Benny. Rick and Lorne didn’t do too bad on Lil’ Jake’s boat either, coming in with their limits of Chinook with the biggest being 24 and 25 pounds! Smitty’s boat was on fire, and Brett, Ben, and Scott caught their limits too! Ben spent the morning chumming the waters but it didn’t bring him any luck unfortunately… The fishing stayed real hot the next couple of days, and most of these guys quickly caught their limits of salmon. The picnic was held at the islands and these guys enjoyed crab on the beach, along with 2 courses served hot from the BBQ! Conan’s boat was on fire on Picnic day, and Chris, Ron and Scott brought in 6 chinook weighing up to 21 pounds. A few coho came in throughout the trip, and Brett brought in a huge linger weighing in at 34 pounds! Larry caught twin 17 pounders, and on the last morning Brett caught a 19lber and Chris brought in a 20lber! We will sure miss you guys next year, and please keep in touch!¬†Click here to see photos from the trip!

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July 5th-8th

Hello everyone! We hope you’re having a wonderful July so far. This past week, our crew was a group of old and new friends including John Komes, owner of Flora Springs Winery in the Napa Valley and his wife Carrie, as well as Jody and Sean, and ¬†Chris and Debra. Jack and Cyndi Sparacio also joined us again for one final year of fishing with the Sund family. Jack has come to the lodge almost every single year that Dave has owned it. Marianne and Neill, close friends of Dave and Sally, also joined us. Don brought up Will and Bill, and Paul brought up his buddies Ken, Brook, Alan and Ed. We had a ton of fun fishing with these guys, and learned SO¬†much about wine! As soon as these guys and gals got up the the main lodge after getting off the plane, Jody had to get inside and see her big fish that is on the wall in the dining room! She caught it 12 years ago with guide Roland out in Mitchell Bay right across from a rock on the beach now referred to as “Jody’s Rock” by the guides. It weighed 54 pounds, and is now up in the dining room right between our two big tables! Jody was set on getting another big fish, and she did end up being queen for the night after reeling in the biggest fish on the first afternoon weighing in at 17lbs! Our burger boat day was fantastic, and it was warm and sunny all day long! This group started a bet on the first day, and the biggest fish of each day got take home some $$, and the biggest of the trip got to take home even more. Will ended up winning on the second day with a 23 pounder, and his buddies didn’t do too bad either, bringing in some good size nookies with J-Bar, along with a kelp bong that was used by many on the back deck during the evening! Sean got a nice 20lber with captain Smitty, and Conan’s boat was once again on fire! This crew got to use their new earnings in a few games of pukwanna on the back deck in the evening. We enjoyed a lovely beach bistro on lizard point, and ¬†although the fishing slowed a bit and Paul lost an absolute hawg on Jacob’s boat, Cyndi made it into the big fish chair with a nice 22 pounder! On the last morning, fishing picked up a bit again and Chris picked up a 20 on Benny’s boat, and Debra caught a coho! We had a lot of fun with this group, and we hope you enjoyed your stay!Click here to see photos from this trip!

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July 1- July 4

Hey everyone, happy Thursday! Heres a little twist on the blog for this group.

We’ve just said goodbye to an awesome group of guests,

as soon as they hit the dock, they were ready to put our guides to the test.

We had the Lancaster/Sargent family come join us again from Cali,

and they brought the Okomoto family up to rally.

The Russell brothers also came up to reunite,

and finally let one of the ladies, Jocelyn, join the trip but she had to fight!

Mike, Kayla and Anye joined us again,

along with their buddy Terry and they fished with Ben.

Colin Chandler, who came up when he was an early teen,

returned again and brought his 90 year old Grandma Flo back to be queen.

The sun was shining, the rain stayed away,

this crew caught a ton of fish that the guides filleted.

On the first day Nolan got a 19lber but he lost to grandma Flo,

because she came into the dock with a 23 in tow!!

At dinner we celebrated Canada Day,

and Chef Dan makes sure its nothing but gourmet.

We also had our first couple of burger boat bites,

and little Karly’s lines sure were tight.

She is one of the youngest here to join the tyee club,

and 5 year old Brady wanted to celebrate by going to the rub pub!

Craig also caught a tyee and had an awesome day on the water,

and the next couple days the fishing was even hotter.

The 5 Russell brothers got a few nice ones too,

We are so glad you guys came, it was nice to see you!

The guides are so glad you all went home with fish,

we hope this trip was everything you’ve ever dreamed and wished!

Click here to see photos from the trip!


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June 28 – July 1

Hey everyone! Here’s a little update on our second week of the season. This week we had Bruce and Lisa Barlean, the new owners, come up as guests with a group of friends. The Hester family also joined us, and we got to celebrate their wedding anniversary with them! We also had Joel and Liu join us from Chicago. The fishing was unreal for this group, and our guides got all of our guests into fish. The weather was a little chilly on the first day – as you can see from the picture of our server Emily bundled up in as many jackets as she could find! Right off the bat Jan hooked into a 21lber which got her the queen’s chair. Lem was really into the black bass and brown bombers the whole trip- he loves fish tacos!! The next day started with a sprinkle of wet stuff from the sky but the water was like glass. The crew hit the water early in the am and captain Conan left the dock with a gut feeling that today was going to be his day. Sure enough, the fish hit early and he limited out Liu and Joel with chinook in the high 20’s! Lem decided he had enough black bass to make tacos for the year so he decided to go ahead and try salmon. He lucked out and picked up a beauty 24lber and Mark got an 18! On the 3rd day, the guys couldn’t keep the fish off! We had a total of 16 chinook hit the dock, and we also had our first ling cod of the summer come in by Joel! Mike, Ben and Jan all brought in heavy fish, including Jan’s 30lb TYEE! On Jacob’s boat Onyawn and Angela caught two 10lbers, and DJ pulled in a 32 while there was a black bear on the beach right beside them, a humpback between their boat and the beach, and eagles flying overhead. Such and amazing experience! Kristen, Lem and Bruce also had an awesome day with Jason in the “responder” and they caught a few nice high teeners. The fishing stayed hot and we had an UNREAL last day on the water! Karynn got a nice 23 with our new guide Jake Jr. and Stacie got her first salmon ever weighing in at 14lbs! Todd finally got his big fish weighing in at 20lbs! We had an awesome trip, and it was so nice to see some familiar faces and meet the Hester’s and Joel and Liu. Thank you all for coming to fish with us!¬†Click here to see photos from this trip!

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June 24-27

The second trip of the season has come and gone already! This crew of mixed friends and families had a great time on the water and the ladies showed the guys how to fish! We had Chantal in the chair on the first night after reeling up a beauty 18 ¬†pounder with Smitty. We had a great time on the back deck the first couple of nights, and our serving staff learned a few things about farming, chickpeas, crossfit with Alex, travelling, and a ton of life advice. Smitty’s boat also caught the first halibut of the season, weighing in at 27lbs. Nice one Dean! Joann was queen for the night after catching an 18lber with captain Jay. Steve and Ted brought matching 15 pounders into the dock. The next day was super exciting when the ladies on Jacob’s boat hooked into a good one. The other rod got tangled up, so Chantal was left to fight the big one all her own while Jacob untangled the lines. She did it like a pro even though it was her first time salmon fishing! These guys showed up at the dock and hooked the fish onto the scale to reveal a whopping 37 pound chinook!! NEW BIG FISH CONTEST LEADER!! Congratulations to Chantal for joining the tyee club, and for stealing the lead from Lance’s 36lber from last trip. For those who haven’t heard yet, there is a big fish contest this year. Whoever gets the largest salmon of the season gets a free trip back next season, and 2nd place is 50% off, and 3rd is 30% off. On the last morning of the trip, Ted and Christi had a good morning with Randy. They reeled in a 15, a 14 and an 11lber for their freezers! All our guests left with fish, and our staff had a great time. Thank you all so much for coming- see you upstream.Click here to see photos from the trip!

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Opening trip- June 21-24

Hello to all Sund’s lodge blog followers, we are back up and running!! We are all so excited to be back to fishin’ and to see you all this summer! We have mostly the same staff as last year except for a new server, Emily. We also have 2 new guides, Conan and Jake. We are excited for you to met them! ¬†We’ve kicked off the 2017 season with a great group of guys from down south in the states! The fish were biting right off the bat, and Dave Sund described our first few days of fishing as the best start to any season he can remember. This group was hosted by Williams Company, and they brought their gas and oil friends up to fish. As soon as the boats kicked off the dock the first afternoon, the lines were tight. Richard pulled in a 22 pounder, and John was close behind with a nice 20 pounder. Tyler hauled in a beauty 12 pounder, and lets not forget about Dick’s quillback that he’s going to take home for fish tacos! The next 2 days of fishing were unbelievable. Every guest caught fish on Day 2, with a monster coming off of guide Roland’s boat. Lance caught his first ever chinook, and it was the biggest we’ve seen in awhile even after he and his fishing partner slept in. Lance takes the lead in this years big fish contest with his 36 pound chinook!! John and Richard killed it again with Jacob with a couple nice nookies in the high teens, and Jason’s guys Mark and Ray also limited out! Cody pulled up a nice coho, and the guys enjoyed a night of the dice game “3 dots” and maybe a few too many celebratory shots after their fantastic day of fishing. Day 3 of fishing was also pretty hot, and Tom and Lance caught their limits, and Cody got a 20 and 25 pounder with captain Smitty! David and Chad also limited out on nookies with captain Conan. It was a good day all around. Tom and David had a great last morning with Rolly, and they managed to limit out and fill the freezer with some nice high teeners! It was a great trip, and although their were only 12 people, these guys filled the dining room with laughter and it was quite the party! Click here to see photos!


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