June 23rd-26th

Happy Tyee Tuesday everyone! This weekend we had the guys from Mike’s Auto Body from the San Fransisco Bay area come and party with us, and do a little fishing too. These California guys toughed out the rain (barely) and slayed the salmon! We had a few boatloads of chinook in the 20’s, along with a few really nice high teeners. One crazy fish story came back to the dock that will be told for many years to come. Our guests Kent, Jay, Jeff and James were salmon fishing out in the bay of pigs on Jake’s boat when James hooked into a good one. The fish was going crazy, swimming under the boat and around the other lines. The fish went for one last run under the kicker, and ended up snapping James’ line.  The line went slack and the boys thought they lost it. A few seconds later, Kent’s rod started screaming just like James’ had! Much to their surprise, James’ fish had gotten tangled with Kent’s line, and now Kent was fighting the fish through his flasher! Kent fought the fish right up to the boat, and captain Jake gaffed the chinook and brought it in! This fish ended up to be the biggest salmon of the trip at 26 lbs! Its the craziest fish story yet of the season, and lucky fish for James and Kent!

We had so much fun with this great group of guys, and we hope you’ve all had a safe trip back down to that warm weather! For those of you headed up to the lodge, don’t forget your sunscreen! The sun is back 🙂

Click here to see photos from the trip!

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June 19th-22nd

Hello to all you Sund’s Lodge blog followers! The second trip of the season has come and gone, and we were sad to say goodbye to a lovely bunch of old and new friends from Seattle, LA and San Diego. Its been a rainy few days here at Sund’s Lodge, but the rain has only made the fishing turn on. Salmon fishing started out a little slow, but the burger boat brought our boats the burger boat halibut bite on the first full day of this 3 day trip. Our good friend John brought in a 30lb halibut, and a few halibut in the high teens were also brought back to the dock. Our Picnic was held in the beautiful Pearce Islands, and the liquid sunshine held off until the very end. Our guests enjoyed cooking up and tasting fresh dungeness crab on what seemed like our very own private island. Once the guests got their lines back in the water after lunch, our guest Phil got into a huge 19b lingcod on Ben’s boat! By the last day of the trip, we had crowned our guest Cliff as the “codfather”, as his hooks seemed to attract an awful lot of yellowtail rockfish, quillbacks, and pacific cod. He’ll be eating some yummy fish tacos for the rest of the summer! The last morning of fishing for this group of guests was hot! Captain Jacob’s boat came into the dock with a boatload of chinook, and Jason came in with a beautiful 26lb spring. What a way to end the trip! Thank you to all our guests for joining us for a few days of relaxation and fun. Our staff wishes you all safe travels home, and also safe travels to all of our future guests that are on their way here!

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June 16th-19th

It’s here! The 2016 season at Sund’s Lodge has started with a bang! We would like to thank our guests Bill and Sherry Portuese for bringing their friends Loren and Darla Watts, Ryan and Crystal Burdo, Jay and Cindy Henning, as well as Captain Ryan up to the lodge for the first time. Also, our veterinarians Scott and Jackie Waltner joined us with their kids Jessica and Cole, as well as their friends Kevin, Robert & Jessica, Tim & Cynthia, Colin, Jeff, Joey, Jacob & Donna and Eric. Jeff and Mark Weber also joined us here at the lodge for the very first time! The chinook are starting to trickle into the waters around Malcolm Island, and our guides are fishing their hearts out and using their hottest lures to get these kings to bite. Captain Jason guided Joey into the first Tyee of the summer! A beautiful shiny 30lber bit in the afternoon of the second day of the trip! Halibut fishing has been great, with some nice chickens as well as a few larger halibut hitting the dock. The biggest halibut of the trip was a 46lber caught by Kevin! The weather here has been mixed with a few beautiful bright summer days as well as some chilly mornings where the high fog just doesn’t want to lift. We would like to thank you all for taking time out of your very busy lives to come relax with us on this beautiful Father’s Day weekend!

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Bring on the Fish!

The start of our 2016 season is quickly approaching! We have 6 days until our first group arrives on our brand new dock, and we are so excited. Our staff have had an amazing off season, and are all ready to get back to fishing and serving our guests. Dave bought a new boat this winter, him and Bernie broke it in by reeling in a couple of beautiful spring salmon. Not only is fishing already heating up, so is bear hunting! Guides Jacob and Ben and hostess Jenna hunted a huge 7ft long black bear to fill their freezers this winter. We’ve been off to a great start so far, and expect nothing less for this coming season! We look forward to fishin’ with you all this summer!

Bernie and his beauty!

Bernie and his beauty!

Nice boat Dave!

Nice boat Dave!

Ben and Jacob's winter stock!

Ben and Jacob’s winter stock!


2015 Season

Thats a wrap! Another season is in the books here at Sund’s Lodge. We’ve had a great fish run, beautiful weather and awesome guests all summer long. The entire staff of Sund’s Lodge would like to thank all of our guests who spent their time, and hard earned dollars, to come hang out with us. This summer we had 305 guests, who brought a total of 1901 fish into our dock. This 2015 season has been unforgettable, and we are looking forward to the seasons to come! Thank you.

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August 27th-31st

What a way to wrap up the season! This weekend we hosted a group of great friends for 5 days of fishing and fun. The weather wasn’t the best, but that didn’t put a damper on the whale shows or the fishing! The Khun family joined us for their third visit to the lodge, and Chuck even made it into the big fish chair on the first night of the trip after he reeled in a beauty 24lb chinook! Zach and Alan Higbee joined us again and brought along Zach’s wife Kathryn and sister Allison. Zach made it into the big fish chair on the second night after he caught a 24.5lber! Brad and Marty Wilson joined us for the 5th time along with their grandkids Harper and Camden! Camden reeled in a nice 14lber on the 3rd day putting him in the big fish chair and King Cam managed to stay in the chair on the 4th day when he caught a 16lber with captain Keith! We hope you all had a fun time hanging out with the crew of Sund’s Lodge (alpacas too) and we hope it was a relaxing visit for all of you! Thank you for fishin’ with us 🙂

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August 24th-27th

This week was very relaxing and quiet here at the lodge. We had Goose and Lori McCarthy from Ontario join us on their honeymoon! These two got married on Saturday, flew across Canada on Sunday and arrived here on Monday for what they described as their trip of a lifetime! From Utah we hosted Jim, Vicki, and son Dustin Matsumori. These 5 guests spent 3 relaxing days in the hottubs, down by the fire, and on the water with Jason and Travis. Although it was a quiet group, the fishing certainly was not! These guys boated some beauty springs and some really nice coho. Jim sat in the big fish chair the first night after he brought in a 20lb spring to kick off the trip! Vicki loaded up with a 19lber one day and a 26lber the next! Lori had an awesome last day reelin’ in a beauty 20.5lber and a 16lber with Jason. The girls did awesome while the boys caught some really nice chinook around the 20lb range and lots of coho! Thank you all for coming – we had a great time hosting you, see you all again 🙂

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August 20th-23rd

Whirlpool & Coast

A wild crew of 19 joined us this weekend – Welcome back Whirlpool and Coast Appliances! This group of Canadians killed the fish and the beers the entire 4 days they were here. The first afternoon these guys boated a ton of huge coho and really nice springs all in the 15lb-26lb range. The boss man, Greg Pass, caught a big honkin’ springer on Keith’s boat that weighed in at 26.5lbs back at the dock. This hog put him in the big fish chair, which he has been dreaming of ever since his first trip to Sund’s Lodge many moons ago. The second day started out VERY hungover.. (cough cough Chris C.) and the chinook fishing was pretty slow throughout the day but the coho kept on biting. Mike V. managed to reel in a beauty 24lb chinook on captain Jason’s boat which put him in the king’s chair! After a much calmer second night the guys were raring to go in the morning and some nice chinook and coho were boated by beach bistro time. The afternoon fish brought in some nice halibut and even a lingcod was caught by Neil on Fish Be Gone John’s boat! The big fish of the day was a 20lber caught by Mike V. again, making it our first double king chair all season! After a rowdy last night in conference center the guys woke up early and went hog farming. Neil brought in a 19lber, but unfortunately his partner Ray lost a nice one to a sea lion on Jacob’s boat. They still brought in the head to the dock and it weighed a whopping 3lbs! This whole group went home with a lots of fish, beer bellies and smiling faces. Thank you all for coming to party with us, ya’ll were so much fun! We hope to see you all next year 🙂 Click heading to see photos from this trip!

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August 17th-20th

CommScope & Anixer

Another great trip has come and gone here at Sund’s. We had a group of 12 guests from Anixer and CommScope come to work and play. Kim Rheppard, Bob Eck, Eddie Edwardes, Bill Galvin, Peter Karlsson, Anne Marie Kenneally, Steve Leatherwood, Randy Mortensen, Jeff Hofstetter, Rick Arsenault, Kevin St. Cyr and Stephen Kowal all joined us from Texas, Chicago, the Carolinas, Toronto and West Virginia. These guys and gals had a lengthly meeting on their first day here, but they managed to unplug for the next couple days after that and they caught a ton of fish! Once this group got goin’ we couldn’t stop them. Some of them limited out after only 2 days of fishing! The chinook and coho are still coming through steady and the biggest fish of the trip was a 27lber caught by Stephen! The weather was absolutely beautiful and we were lucky to fish under sunny clear skies with just a little bit of wind towards the end of the trip. Thank you all for coming, see you upsteam. 🙂

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August 14th-17th

Another fantastic trip for the books here at Sund’s Lodge! The Keane and Carnes families came from all over the states to meet up and fish (and drink) together for the weekend. Graham Travis also came up to do some kayak fishing from Seattle. The weather was great for these guys and the fishing was even better. We enjoyed all 4 days with no wind, no rain and tight lines. The biggest salmon of the trip was caught by Dan and weighed in at 21lbs! While Dan wrestled this hog to the boat, his wife Amy also hooked up into her first fish of the trip! It was an exciting afternoon of double headers on captain Jake’s boat. The fun didn’t stop there though! After having no luck and sore arms kayaking the first day, he ended up hooking into the trip’s biggest hali with captain Travis on the second day. His arm definitely needed a break after that 41lbs hali! He was glad he didn’t catch that one in his kayak. Thank you all for coming, see you again next year! Click heading for photos from the trip. 

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