A great trip ends today on a positive note!

Hey Everyone. Fish Master Millar here. I’d like to recap the trip that just left. Our annual food and fishing trip was a success again! Though we had some extracurricular weather this week, it seemed to cooperate when needed, with Guest Chef John Sundstrom demonstrating cooking methods with fresh fish to our guests on both of the long days. Everyone had a great time it seems.

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The Early Birds Get Rewarded With A Trophy Class Fish On The Final Morning!

Jake Spigno and his girlfriend, Emily Connor, hit the dock early and jumped in with Cpt. Nick again. After having an awesome morning catching chinook and coho with the Dancer 2 days before, they were especially excited to go with him again this morning!

They headed back to Sam’s Place, and although they were out quite a few minutes before the other boats, they were not rewarded early. The second boat off of the dock, with the Ribary’s and TayTay Logan, were into fish right off the bat, and quickly boated 2 good chinook on their way to a 3 chinook, one coho morning. Millar’s boat stopped just minutes from the dock and quickly had Jake’s dad, Mike, into his limit of chinook with a 25lber and a 17er too. Emily Knox had her Albertan crew fishing in Mitchell Bay as well, and they were getting into some good action. They had quite a few hits, including a doubleheader of big salmon. In the end they managed to land 2 nice chinook!

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Friends, Family and Fish!

Although fishing was a bit slow for some of our guests today, others knew exactly where to go and hit the bite. The Spigno family, guided by both Captain Jim and Captain Nick were the lucky ones of the day, and arrived back to the dock with boat loads full of fish! Then, to wind up a fun day on the water, this beautiful afternoon  back at the lodge allowed time for some of our guests to take a bike ride into town, while others relaxed in the hot tubs and became acquainted with the animals.

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