A Great Finish To Our 2013 Season!

Hello again to all who read these musings on fishing and other exciting Sund’s Lodge happenings by me, Millartime.

We have had a fantastic group of people in from Minnesota, BC, and Washington over the past week. Also great was the weather again this week. The marine mammals were out in full force everywhere, too. I was netting a herring ball, and we had just drifted 20ft. away from the ball, when a humpback came up beside us and ate the rest of the herring in several lunges. It was awesome to witness so close! Humpbacks were breaching and tail slapping everywhere this week as well, including a multiple breach ‘a distance’ from Big Jim’s boat in Mitchell Bay. Orcas were circling Lizard Point while we were on the beach there for our Bistro, and porpoise, sea lions, and seals were everywhere during the week!

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A fun trip ends Monday!

Hey everyone, it’s the blog master Millar with a trip report for Aug 16th through 19th. Some of our regular guests arrived on Friday, from Oklahoma, including Doug and Isaac Jacobson, Brian Exline, David Raubach, and Jim Turner. New guys, Steve and Brandon Spear, with friend, Eric arrived from Seattle. Another group in from Seattle were friends of Dave Lowry, who has spent the entire week here entertaining his crew. Mike McKernan, Tim McMann, and the Alhadeff guys. Missing was Sam Alhadeff’s buddy Jay, who we all heard so much about.

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