Group 13 – Mixed Friends – July 25 to 28

Wow! What a fun eager group this was this past weekend at the lodge. Our 15 guests from California and the Seattle area almost all limited on both Chinooks and Coho. Also, the Pinks are still very plentifull – more than this blogger has seen in years! So, all the talk about  a slower Pink run sure isn’t holding up this year. I might also mention that for this trip the Halibut fishing really slowed, so hopefully that will pick up again very soon!

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Group 12 – Mixed Friends – July 22 to 25

It was a small group at the lodge this week – but a very fun one! Unfortunately though, for the first couple of days the fishing really slowed down. So much that we began asking ‘what happened to the Chinooks?’

A recent article that was written it was mentioned that BC should be called the Pink capitol of the world because there are so many more Pinks out there than both Sockeye and Chinook. And maybe this is the case!

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Group 11 – Flora Springs and Mixed Friends – July 18 to 21

Flora Springs Winery and a bunch from the Seattle area came to the lodge and started on a bad note. Stormy weather moved in and the float planes could not get beyond Campbell River on Friday morning. Consequently, we fished longer days on Saturday and Sunday so all of our guests ended up with lots of fish. The majority of fish coming back to the dock were Coho, Pinks and Chinooks, with the largest weighing in at 28lbs!

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Group 10 – Mixed Friends – July 15 -18

Another group went home with mostly limits of Salmon! Unfortunately, the Halibut fishing slowed somewhat for most of these guests but they still went home with a few nice buts.

The weather was sunny and warm but that meant the North West winds blew fairly hard for these few days on the water. Still, our Captain’s knew the perfect spots to go to duck out of the wind and everyone was able to continue to fish successfully.

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Group 9 – Mixed Friends – July 11 to 14

Group 9 came and went this weekend and it was a small but very, very productive fishing weekend.  We had friends from both North and South Carolina and from California join us.  There were LOTS of Chinooks with the biggest of the trip being weighed in by Dave at 34 pounds.

The halibut fishing remains tremendously hot with most of the hali action in the “chicken” range, named for their “chicken of the sea” deliciousness.  The fishing and wonderful weather has everyone in high spirits and the owner has stated that its the best fishing he has seen in over 15 years.  The fishing is great, weather incredible, and the staff assembled this year is one of the best ever.  All of the above has the owner smiling saying the best is yet to come!  Enjoy the pictures!

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Group 8 – Mixed Friends – July 7 to 11

Our second five-day trip of the season ended today – and it’s going to go down as a memorable one!

Monday, the first afternoon was off to an average start with all 5 boats bringing in at least one Chinook and several Coho. The largest fish of the day today came in on Captain Jacob’s boat with Ed – a dandy 17lber which put him in the Big Fish Chair!

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Group 7 – Mixed Friends – July 4 to 7

Great friends from Seattle, San Diego and Montgomery, Alabama were with us at the lodge this weekend. One of these guests has travelled to the lodge 26 times and stated that except for the two days of strong South East wind, this trip for fishing was one of the best in his memory. These high winds have been hammering the North Island for a week now so change is definitely on its way!

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