Sund’s Lodge ALS Challenge

A sneaky plan was made following Rod’s ALS Challenge. It was decided that he would nominate all of the Sund’s Lodge Guides, a big surprise! With some help from the girls, the supplies were made readily available so it was easy to douse the guides with everyone watching. Luckily, we work alongside a great team and all of the boys were more than ready to have icy water dumped on their heads in order to raise awareness in support of ALS.


^ Click this image to watch the guides get soaked!
Let’s see what you’ve got, Dave!

Rod Brooks ALS Challenge

On the third and final night of group 21, our guest Rod Brooks decided to complete his ALS Challenge. Rod had been nominated earlier this week by his son, but decided to complete the task here at the lodge. After dinner, all the staff and our guests went down to the water in support of Rod and to watch him get soaked with ice cold water!

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Group 21 – Mixed Family and Friends – August 22 to 25

Old friends, and some new, made up this fantastic group of eager fishers!

An interesting story, and a great pleasure for the lodge this week was having Colin Chandler back. Colin was one of our returning guests who was here when he was just 13 years old. At the time, he caught a Tyee and has always wanted to return. This year he was finally able to make the trip back, now as a prominent navy pilot serving the country in the armed forces.

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Group 19 – Mixed Friends – August 15 to 18

What started out on a less than positive note, ended up to be a magical trip.

Friday, the planes from Kenmore were unable to fly due to heavy fog in Seattle. That meant our friends could not get in to the lodge and instead landed early Saturday morning. Except for our other two guests, Lou and Jim who got a head start on the rest of the group, the guys immediately boarded the boats and hit the fishing grounds.

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Group 17 – Mixed Friends – August 8 to 11

The weather and fishing continue to be hot! We have had amazing calm waters and no wind for two weeks now with lots of sun.

A 37lb Tyee was caught by Jon Marti this trip on Captain Ben’s boat with lots of other Chinook, Coho and Sockeye arriving on the dock every night. The largest Ling Cod of the season was also landed this weekend – this time by Dwayne on Captain Jim’s boat.

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Group 16 – Canadian Sport Fishing and Friends – August 5 to 8

This week was a week spent filming a national sport fishing show – Canadian Sport Fishing – with Italo Labignan and his wife, Barb. The entire trip was very interesting and the TV crew was able to get lots of great footage out on the water. Along with some help from Captain Jim, this group caught all the fish they wanted including some large Ling Cods, Halibuts, Quillbacks and of course Salmon – including a 33lb Tyee caught the second day by Jeff, on Captain Ben’s boat. Also, Italo was able to snag a huge Halibut out on the water which weighed in at a whopping 62lbs!

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Group 15 – Mixed Friends – August 1 to 4

Steve Miller, a long time friend and customer put together this group of family and friends who traveled to the lodge all the way from Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana. All of the couples this weekend were full of fun and it was easy for everyone to get along and have a very exciting time.

Although the fishing remained a little slow for the majority of this trip the happy attitudes were infectious and along with the beautiful weather everyone kept in high spirits during the long days on the water. Our host, Steve Miller was able to snag and reel in a beautiful 32lb Tyee on the second day on the water while fishing with Captain Jim. This was the largest fish for this group even though everyone tried to top this catch for the rest of their time at the lodge.

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Group 14 – Mixed Friends – July 28 to August 1

This past week was another 5 day trip at the lodge which ended way too fast. Such a fun group of a few families with some old and new friends that everyone was sad to say goodbye to.

Again, the fishing was steady although still slow for Chinooks. On the first afternoon Leslie brought in the only one weighing in at 15lbs. For the days that followed a few more were brought back to the dock although we are still searching for that Tyee! Luckily though, this was made up for with fast and furious fishing of Pinks and Cohos. Also, as of the first of August Sockeye is open which is sure to bring even more action to the days spent on the water – with a limit of four per day!

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