5 day mixed group was another success.

Hey it’s Millartime here with another report. Our 5 day trip for July 22nd through 26th consisted of mainly experienced guests, but with a few new ones joining in on the fun. Bob Champion and his wife, Leslie Graham, returned again, as did Jane and Paul Johnston. Also returning were Steve Douglas and Marcia Petersen, with Bob and Ed Mathews, and Cary Caulfield. Bruce Martin, who joined us in the Inlet Experience 10 years ago, came to try out the lodge this time, and it was pretty cool to have him back after all those years! New guests, Bobby and Beverly Clark, joined us from mid Texas. The Planeta family, Bill, Sandy, and Patrick, came all the way from Connecticut to fish and enjoy the area with us. Both groups were a hoot to hang out with.

Fishing for coho has been really good these past few days, and now quite a few pinks are moving into the area as well. Chinook fishing has been spotty, but a few good bites came on for some of our boats. Emily had great success on the first morning at the Battlegrounds with Jane and Paul Johnston. The Planeta family also fared well on Capt. Dancer’s boat, with Patrick nailing a near Tyee there. Just 1 pound shy of the mark!

Day 3 had Marcia pick up a pair of teeners with Terrible Taylor Logan before 6am, just minutes from the dock. Cary Caulfield had an epic day on the Dancer’s boat, day 3, as well. He managed his limit of chinook, wild coho, and halibut! Not bad, especially considering his largest nooker was 28lbs. Nice work Cary!!

The halibut fishing was spotty at times, but Keith Richard S was especially lucky on his boat, putting all of his guests into limits of halibut up to 36lbs. on day 3 and 4 of the trip! The weather was gorgeous for the first half of the trip, tapering to good, and we were able to enjoy the Beach Bistro, and both Burger Boats.

On the final morning of the trip, The Mathews party had a good time catching fish with the Emilator, just 4 minutes from our dock! Ed Mathews caught the big one of the morning, a 20lb. slab. A few other chinook, coho, and halibut were brought in on the other boats as there was a slow steady bite for the first couple of hours today.

Thank you all for coming. It was great seeing all of our old friends, and all of our new guests were awesome as well! See you next time.