Mixed Friends Trip

It’s Millartime here, again, with another trip report. We had a bunch of couples in this weekend, most of whom had been here to the lodge before. The Waizenegger and Filo boys came in from the SanFran area as well.

Day one showed some promise early when the crew spread out around Blackfish Sound, and several boats hit fish early. The first to hit were Nick’s and Taylor’s at the Wall. Don Berntsen on Taytay’s boat hit into a low 20’s chinook that they wrestled for half an hour with a seal for! Unfortunately, the seal finally won. Cyndi Blau had a similar fish that spat the hook 2 ft. from Dancer’s waiting net. Across from them, at Cracroft, I fished with Team Waizenegger. Uwe showed the new guys how to get ‘er dun, when he landed a nice 15lb chinook that we wacked off of Rollie’s tree, my favourite spot there. Nick Waizenegger boated a good sized coho minutes later to round out our action. Top Dawg Sund had the Santi family, and he put them into a large coho and 2 pinks. The crews in Mitchell Bay on Emily’s and John’s boat caught some nice coho as well. It was a nice start to the trip.

Day 2 started with strong winds and an unfavourable forecast. It was a perfect day to start in our secret windy day spot I figured, and it actually paid off for me this time! First line in the water had Vicki Vaniman into a 16lb chinook that fought like heck to spit the hook, but to no avail. Not long after, Walt Johnson hit into a big fish when we bumped over a shallow reef that often produces a fish. It took a couple of good runs, and ran at the boat several times trying to break loose. Walt played the slab perfectly, and we boated a 30lb Tyee!! Meanwhile, Brock Santi hooked into a 21lb chinook in Emily’s boat right beside us, so we were happy for them too. Top Dawg had Chris and Nick Waizenegger in his boat. They were fishing in the Bay O Pigs when a pig suddenly slammed their Emelio rig. It was a fattie, and Chris expertly brought it in to the scale for a 28lb. weigh-in! Other action included coho and pinks, and a few smaller chinook, but the wind started to really come up, hampering our Burger Boat plans. It was a good thing we caught some morning fish, because we had to finish the day early, and bike rides to town were the most exciting options taken for the afternoon that day.

Day 3 had a slight breeze early, but it was quite nice compared to the previous outing. It was a slow start for most, but Scott Sund’s Chumlee rig quickly proved its worth. Uwe hooked his first of a limit of salmon that morning on it. He and his son, Chris, had a heck of a day, limiting on salmon to 25lbs. in the morning, and finishing the afternoon catching halibut on Taylor’s boat with the Young Guns, Chase, Mason, and Nick! Chase was fishing with Taylor in the morning, when he hooked into a real slab late in the morning. The fish put up an amazing fight, running through a kelp bed before he was able to land it. It was another 30lb. Tyee! There were several other nice chinook and coho landed in the morning, and some good eating halibut brought up in the afternoon.

The final morning was slow, but a chinook, several coho, 3 pinks, and 2 halibut came in to the dock.  It was a blast fishing with you guys. Hope to see you all next year!

Brock stands with his dad, Mark, and holds out his nice 10 lb Chinook that he caught early this morning.

Cyndi joins the Coho Club with this 7 lb Coho!

All hail King Brock!