A beautiful day makes for a warm welcome and an exciting afternoon of fishing for our new group!

Betty hooked this nice 14 lb Chinook today with Captain Tiny.

Tyee Chuck stands beside his 30 lb Chinook and the Tiny Dancer. These boys were lucky to get this fish in to the boat after a long, exciting fight!

Gary Bond, who started the season with us and his group from Trail/Whirlpool Appliances showed up again, this time with his son, Michael. Here the boys are showing off their Pink Salmon caught today with Captain Geoff. Michael was extra excited catching his first ever salmon!

Mike caught this dandy 27 lb Chinook, the second largest salmon of the day, on Captain Taylor’s boat.

Alyson smiles beside her 14 lb Chinook.

This team is proud of their family of Pink’s!

Our King, Tyee Chuck looks so good in the crown it’s like it was made for him!