A fantastic group leaves today!

Hey everyone! It’s Millar here again. It’s Canada Day and today we celebrated by catching a pile of great fish! On day four of a wonderful trip, we unleashed the big guns  on the fish today. Our guests pulled in 3 Tyees amongst a pile of chinook, halibut, chum, and lingcod!

After starting the trip in the pouring rain and fog on day 1, the weather has been quite decent for the past 3. Day 2 brought good salmon fishing on the north shore of the island, and awesome jigging for several of the boats out offshore. The weather was stellar, almost too warm at times 🙂 After a slow start, Jim Duds finally found the fish up at Bere, and soon most of the boats were into the fish. The unfortunate thing is that Jim’s crew, who found the fish for everyone, were having terrible luck landing fish! What should have been a limit of chinook up to 35lbs. was reduced to one chinook and a coho, due to a pile of bad luck. Though they had a rough morning, they had awesome luck on the Flatfish in the afternoon, and their luck was to change in the coming days.

Day 3 was a stellar one again. Decent weather, coupled with a great morning of fishing and an unreal beach bistro experience onLizard Point, made for an unforgettable day for all! The top boat wasFortKnox’ and her crew, who were smokin’ hot in the morning, pulling chinook and coho out of the water like there was no tomorrow! The crews fishing up the island were into a pile of coho, with a few chinook and halibut to supplement their coho limits.

Heavy fog was socked in this morning again, as we headed out for our 3rd morning fish. The bite was early at Donegal today, Emily’s boat, with Tony and Mary Spenser, were into a doubleheader of chinook almost immediately! I took my guys, the Abbotsford Crew, to The Garden, and though we were out late, it wasn’t too long before Dan Provost woke up to his line peeling as a big chinook hammered the Emelio right off of the kelp! We fought and landed the big male chinook, a white spring which hit the scale at 32lbs. Dan`s first Tyee! These guys were fun to fish with, but I had to see them off early, as they were catching a ferry home tonight. Big Jim had day 3 off and just like always, after having a day off, he limited out his crew on chinook! Mike McCown caught the largest onboard, joining our Tyee Club with a 31lb fish, which made a mess of their gear, and wrapped up in the motors before Jim could net it.

The story of the day had to be Greg Vipond’s Tyee. After striking out on the salmon in the morning, they hit the courageous spot and found a bunch of halibut. With only a couple of hours to fish for salmon left, they hit the backside of Malcolm. Literally on their last pass, they trolled by the Bush, and the barney rig hammered off and screamed line, on its way back to the open ocean. They chased that fish down and Greg fought it well, before it succumbed to T-bone’s net. They were a few minutes late from the fish, but everyone was waiting to see them weigh in, and they weren’t disappointed when Greg’s last minute fish weighed in at 33lbs!

The guests and crew celebrated Canada Day with singing and apparently some fantastic dance moves by Aussie guest, Simon; his specialty is the moonwalk!

This last morning most of the folks relaxed onshore, with only 8 fishing. We had a few good fish this morning, and once again the Shelton Connection took big fish, with a near Tyee caught by Joyce Vipond. She hauled in a 29lb. slab with big Jim! There were a few others taken, including Tony’s 23lber on my boat, and Craig’s 19lber with Keith Richards. As a final treat for the last boat in, a humpback whale breached in front of them as if to say farewell.

What a great bunch of people you all were, we really enjoyed having you’s here for a few days!

Tony Spenser poses with Captain Geoff and the 23 lb Chinook he brought in early this morning

Guided today by Captain Jim, Joyce brought in this dandy 29 lb Chinook which crowned her The Final Daily Hero of this 5 day trip