A fun trip ends Monday!

Hey everyone, it’s the blog master Millar with a trip report for Aug 16th through 19th. Some of our regular guests arrived on Friday, from Oklahoma, including Doug and Isaac Jacobson, Brian Exline, David Raubach, and Jim Turner. New guys, Steve and Brandon Spear, with friend, Eric arrived from Seattle. Another group in from Seattle were friends of Dave Lowry, who has spent the entire week here entertaining his crew. Mike McKernan, Tim McMann, and the Alhadeff guys. Missing was Sam Alhadeff’s buddy Jay, who we all heard so much about.

Unusually slow fishing for chinook continued this week, but lots of pink and coho were around to keep the rods moving throughout the days. Some decent action for nooks happened on a couple of the boats in spurts, though. The most impressive catch had to be the Tyee that Brandon Spear hooked and fought with in a secret cove on the final afternoon! Fishing on Cpt. Emilator’s boat had been relatively slow for most of the day but that was all to change when the big sucker slammed off on the Barney at Scotland, deep in the bay. Many of the chinook that have been hooked lately have been “hot” fish, and this one was no exception, when it screamed off a ton of line before running straight at the boat trying to get slack line! Some good fish were taken on the last morning at Lady Ellen Pt. Steve Spear had some extra excitement with his 23lber. They had to wrestle it from the mouth of a big sealion! Somehow, Grandpa Jim managed to net the fish 4 feet under the boat before it latched on again. For an old guy that Jim sure can move. It doesn’t hurt that his reach is longer than a full grown male Orangutan’s!

Loren celebrates his 25lber in style!

Loren’s gorgeous 25er was caught near Ledge Point first thing in the mornin’ with T-Bone.

Steve makes his 23 look larger than his brother Brandon’s 33 from yesterday.


Sam’s buddy, Jay made the blog. Even though he never came to the lodge, he was here in Sam’s mind. We all feel like we know him well! (We heard so many stories)

Mike McKernan lands the big one on my boat Sunday morning. Way to go Mike!!