A great trip ends today on a positive note!

Hey Everyone. Fish Master Millar here. I’d like to recap the trip that just left. Our annual food and fishing trip was a success again! Though we had some extracurricular weather this week, it seemed to cooperate when needed, with Guest Chef John Sundstrom demonstrating cooking methods with fresh fish to our guests on both of the long days. Everyone had a great time it seems.

The group was fun to fish with too, and through some slow fishing periods they persevered and subsequently hit some nice salmon when the bite came on. After toughing out the first morning, through wind, waves, and weed, the crew headed out in the afternoon to fish down below. The wind had died off considerably and it was fishing well at Flower Island when the big boy hit T-Bone’s “special hootchie”! Brian Gage was the lucky guy who got to play the fish, and a few mishaps including a “reel incident” couldn’t stop him from getting his first Tyee ever! It was a 35lb beauty, and is the largest salmon of this early season so far. Congrats Brian!!

Day 3 brought rough and rainy weather early, but after a short delay, we all headed out as the weather completely changed for the better. Fish were being landed immediately, from Donegal to Lizard, with slow and steady action throughout the morning session. The beach bistro was a hit, and even though the wind came up a bit, the cove was cozy and everyone stayed comfortable.

Afterwards, the fishing took place at Flower Island, with a late bite happening on the top of the flood tide there. Several really nice chinook salmon were landed during the short session! I love those afternoon bites at Flower!! Too bad I missed it cause I had to take my crew in early. 🙁  Oh Well. I have had many chances, and I’m sure to have many more there in the future.

The last morning started out beautifully, with flat water, and the sun popping up over Mount Stephens. Some rain did come down here and there eventually, but a few fish were hitting, which always brightens up everyone’s perspective. Old Dutch had the hot boat this morning, picking up 3 chinook to 24lbs., the afore mentioned one being caught at the last second, and not called in by Jim on the radio. When the crew’s hit the dock, the big weigh-in between Cpt. Emulator’s and Cpt. T-Bone’s boats fish was thrown a loop, as their 20lber and 21lbers didn’t match up to the 24 caught on Big Jim’s boat. Jim was given a really hard time by the other guides for that dirty trick! 🙂

It was nice having some old friends here that we haven’t seen for a few years, and also some new folks, all of whom were a pleasure to serve! Thanks for coming.

The Foote Family show off their prizes. Brian Foote and his wife Jennifer hold up their 18 lb and 8 lb Chinooks while Peter hugs tight to his huge 24 lber!

Keela Gage stands beside her 6 lb halibut

These girls are excited about their Chinook!

Sandy finally got her salmon!

John holds out his beautiful 21 lb Chinook caught this morning on Captain Taylor’s boat