A mixed group of 19 guests enjoyed spending their vacation time at Sund’s!

Hey everyone, Millartime here with a trip report.

A group of 19 people has been in for the past 3 days. The Jarrett and Palmer families from Oklahoma, the Pender and Kelly families fromTexas, the Tidd’s from England, and the Page’s from Colorado. The Hoodsport Hooligans sent 2 of their finest back again, Dave Mathews and Bill Ferguson. Though they all faced their fair share of wind this trip, many of them also had a decent share of opportunities for fish. A blustery first afternoon produced few fish, but 1 chinook and 3 coho were tricked into biting our lures, so not a total loss. David and Elle Page from Colorado fished with Jim Duddridge and David landed the whopper of the day, a 9er chinook!

Strong winds were the forecast for day 2, and a breeze early in the morning didn’t look good, but instead of progressing it tapered off, resulting in a beautiful morning and early afternoon, before the wind finally picked up around 3 o’clock. The salmon weren’t biting early, but when they started they continued to bite steadily for the remainder of the day. The chinook were biting in such a way that many fish were lost that day, but we managed to hang onto a few good fish. The big one of the day was Cyndy Pender’s 23lb chinook, which we picked up just before I was going to pull gear and head out for the halibut. It hit my favourite “lure that never works”! That fish beat out a 22lber that Colton Palmer nailed on the morning tide change at the wall. Halibut fishing was tough for many, but notable was young Kailyn Palmer, who was fishing with her father and guide, Emily Knox. They had drifted to the deepest section of one of our halibut holes, when she hooked into a good sized halibut. She hauled that beast up from over 400’ all on her own! When they surfaced it, Emily realized it would be close to the maximum size. She did her best to measure it, and it seemed to be just under the max size of 126cm. Just when they went to land it, it thrashed and snapped the leader, and headed back to its home, over 400’ ft away! Kailyn is leaving the lodge with a couple of good “one that got away” stories, as on day 3 she was fishing with me, and was lucky to hook into a nice salmon only to have a seal grab it and peel off a couple hundred yards of line before  taking her fish. She doesn’t think seals are as cute and cuddly as she once did!! But she did catch some nice fish as well, so it was worth it all.

Day 3 brought more wind, and another slow start. A late morning bite happened again off of Nowhere and a few big coho, and a couple of nice chinook were landed before the fleet picked up and headed to Ksuiladas Island for lunch. An excellent time was had and the food was fantastic! It was a quick turnaround this time, for the high slack tide was coming early, and we didn’t want to miss it. The action came fast after lunch, with Taylor`s crew of Randy and Kevin Tidd starting off the festivities with a nice teener chinook at the wall. I risked the seals and took my crew of Jayna, Kailyn, and Ashley to Cracroft, and we were quickly into action, but we fed two seals before we finally managed to boat a good chinook, Ashley’s 22lber. Tyler Kelly, from Fort Worth Texas, toughed it out in the afternoon on Big Jim’s boat, and the reward was awesome! They nailed the first Tyee of the trip, a real hard fighting 32lber that was hooked along the Wall! More coho and chinook action was had before everyone tried for halibut. Taylor took the Tidd’s to a secret spot, and through rough water they managed to hit 2 nice halibut, right at the end of the day. Way to go Randy and Kevin!

The last morning was windy again, and few fish were caught. A very large salmon was hooked on Emilator’s boat, but after a heck of a scrap,Colton’s fish simply spit the hooks out. That is such a heartbreaker! David and Elle Page managed to take the chair again this morning, when Elle caught a 10lb. chinook right in front of the lodge. Just before that Dave had landed the largest halibut of the trip, a beautiful 33lb slab! They had tried for halibut a couple of times, but finally caught one trolling nearby the lodge.

You guys were all such nice people, and fun to serve. Thank you all for spending your hard earned money to come fish with us, we have really enjoyed having you all here!