Aug 26-29: August and fishing stays great!

A small group this week at Sunds Lodge but a great time with fishing limits had by all.  The last morning of the trip came and guests were sleeping in as they were limited out.  The fishing continues to surprise and amaze this summer!  Guests Tony and Alex Spenser and guest Don Walker had a GREAT trip with great salmon and bottom fishing.  Tony resumed his normal spot in the King chair.  Norm and Chuck Kuhn had their own great brother to brother fishing trip and also limited out.  The Khan family visited from Alberta and spent the week enjoying the splendor BC: cleaning crabs, watching whales, and exploring the 40 acres.

Our guests continue to be blown away because of our chefs.  Chef Danny and Marcus make everything fresh and from scratch- from the breads to the sauces to even curing and smoking their own bacon.  This blogger things they are the best chefs on the North Island!  We’re lucky to have them on the team.

It was a great week!  Thanks for visiting!