August 10th-13th

Another great fishing trip for the books here at Sund’s! Richard and Ann Reardon joined us all the way from West Virginia! They booked the trip to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary this fall. Once again uncle Brent Peterson brought up a great group of friends and family, including his son Jake and his father-in-law Mathew, as well as Cory, Nate, Josh, Jerry, Mac and Tony. Munka Rick also joined us with his son Travis and cousin Bryson. Darren Case joined us for the second time this year, except this time he was kidless and brought all his college buddies! The 5 of them turned the conference centre into their frat house, and re-decorated with fantasy football posters and the WSU Cougars flag on the front deck! It was a great week, and the fishing wasn’t so bad either! Rick started the trip out with a bang after he hauled in a 26lber with his son-in-law Scott as his guide. Travis also pulled in a nice one on the first day weighing in at 17lbs. Smitty guided Jerry into a 14lber, and Bop got a beauty 24lber on Jason’s boat. The next morning, the hangover seemed to bring luck for the Cougars fans on Keith’s boat, as they all caught chinook in the high teens-low 20’s. Except Darren- he hauled in what we call a tink (tyee pink). Richard got into a nice 22lber on Captain Coach’s boat, and Brent and Josh got a couple in the low 20’s on Jay’s boat! Bryson got a beauty 17lber with Ben, and Rick brought in a nice chicken! We had a beautiful picnic out at Lizard as the fog was lifting and revealing the blue sunny skies 🙂 Josh and Jake reeled up twin 20lbers on Jason’s boat, and Darren, Paul and Matt got into some low teeners with Capt. Benjamin. These guys got out early on the last morning and hit the water. Richard soon was into a nice fish on Jake’s boat which weighed in at 23lbs. Happy Anniversary to Ann and Richard! Smitty came home with a nice fish tote as his guys Nate and Tony got into some nice chinook in the mid-teen’s. We enjoyed dancing on the deck before dinner, learning about how fantasy football works, and watching these Americans try ketchup chips for the very first time! Thank you all for taking the time to come and hangout with us, see you next year! 🙂


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