August 12th-15th

The summer is coming close to an end but things certainly aren’t slowing down around here! This week we had our good friends Martin and Birgit come all the way from Germany to fish with us! Our hostess Emily brought her Mom Natalie and her boyfriend Gary up to fish, and they must have brought a good luck charm with them because they brought home a ton of fish! We also had 6 beer guys from Santa Rosa, California as well as 3 brother in law’s from Washington. Ron Bernal brought up his daughter Katherine and her friend Maddie who have been coming for many years! It was great to re-connect with our long time friends, as well as meet a few new ones! Natalie had a great first afternoon with Conan, and she hooked into a monster 15 lb chinook, and a 13 lb chum which earned her the queen’s chair. Maddie got into a 10 pounder, and Scott caught a 10 pounder as well! The luck didn’t stop for Natalie and Gary when they went out with LJ the next day. They came in with a 14, 15 and 12 pounder. Shane and Jon came in with a 15 and 8 pound chinook. Marc caught a 17 with Jay, and Ben had Kat, Maddie and Ron on his boat. They had a great time, and got into a few fish too. Kat took the chair that night with a 22 pounder, as well as a 14 pounder. Maddie caught a 12 and Ron caught 14 and 15 pound chinook. The pinky’s are coming through strong still, and Ramy, Birgit and Gary all took advantage of these perfect BBQing fish. Tony got into a 12 pounder, Pat an 18, and Martin got a beauty 16 with captain Conan. Natalie got yet another chinook weighing in at 14 pounds! The last morning of the trip was the best for fishing, and a ton of good sized fish came in. Marc got into a 18 pounder with captain Jason, and Pat caught a 10 lber. Gary caught twin 17 pounders, and Birgit got into a few low teeners. Kyle took home the second biggest fish of the trip weighing in at 21 pounds. This crew departed on one of the nicest day’s we’ve had since the smoke and fog rolled in a week or so ago. It has been clear sunny skies since then! Click here to see photos from this trip!