August 13th-16th

Today we had to say goodbye to an awesome group of mixed friends! Paul Larson brought up his buddies Jim P, Bud, John and Jim B from Yakima to do a little fishin’. Paul brought in his own 40 foot coastal craft to fish out of, the “Rascal” which is a beautiful boat that we were glad to have at our dock! Gary and Cindy Nakazawa brought their parents Adolph and Evelline from Kamloops to celebrate Evelline’s 80th birthday and Gary and Cindy’s 40th anniversary! Jeff Ostrove and David Regen also came up to fish with us, and Terry Keane brought up a group of his family and friends. Randy and Julie Mowrer also joined us here at the lodge for some quality fishing time. The planes were a little delayed due to some fog, so some of the group got to do a little sightseeing via air on the way in! We had a great start to the trip, and these guys were all eager to get out on the water! Captain Keith got Ken into an 18lb chinook right off the bat, and Randy got into a nice 16lber on Jacob’s boat! We woke up to fog on the burger boat day, but by the time the burger boat made the rounds up the the bush and down to the garden, the fog had lifted to reveal beautiful sunny skies. The weather was so nice and warm, and we definitely had some red cheeks by dock time! The fishing soon picked up, and team Kamloops had a great day with captain Keith! Evelline got a 16lb chinook, Adolph pulled up a beauty 34 lb halibut, his first one EVER! He also picked up a nice 14lber, as did Cindy! John pulled up a beautiful 20 pounder on Ben’s boat, and Dave got a 10lber with Adam. Coach got Julie into a 10lber, and David reeled up 16 and a 7 pounder, and Jeff caught a 15lber and an 8, making them tied for poundage! Paul’s boat brought in a nice 20lb lingcod caught by Bud, and Jim P caught a 22lb chinook! Queen Heather made it in the big fish chair after catching a 23lb chinook, and her dad got into a beauty 14lber with Capt. Jay. It was an amazing day on the water for this crew! The next day we enjoyed a beautiful beach bistro out at Lizard with a wonderful menu cooked up by Chef Dan, the chowder was a big hit! Jason and Dan really got some nice fish with Adam with the biggest one weighing in at 20lbs caught by Jason! Evelline and Gary were on fire with captain Jason as they were reeling in 17, 16, 14, and 11lbers! David and Jeff had a good afternoon bite when they brought in a 16 and a 15, and David pulled into the lead by 1 pound! Julie and Randy had a great day with Keith, they limited out on chinookies in the mid-high teener size.  Amy caught her limit on Ben’s boat, and Terry got a 12lb chum and Heather picked up a 16.5lber. Right before lunch of Jake’s boat, the boys hooked into what felt like a piece of plywood! They all took turns reeling it up, and it turned out to be a 35lb halibut for Ken! The last morning was a successful one, and 6 chinook were brought back to the dock plus a nice hatchery coho! It was an absolutely wonderful trip, and we hope you all had as much fun as we did! We hope to see you next year! Thank you for coming 🙂


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