August 16th-19th

Hey all you Sund’s Lodge blog followers! This past week we had a group of friends come to fish and relax here at Sund’s Lodge. Bret and Jesse joined us, along with our good doctor friends Al and Gary. Andrew and Gordon came to do some fishing, but mostly exercising as Andrew ran almost a half marathon each day. Sally and Dave’s friends Sandra and Ron came up for one last visit here at the lodge. Bruce and Lisa joined us again, and brought their friends Hugh and Jane who came all the way from Australia, along with Bill and Aridana! The first day was a success on captain Jason’s boat when Aridana caught twin 15 pounders and Bill caught a 10 pounder and a 13! Hugh, and Gary caught 13 pound chinook. Must have been school coming through! This was a very memorable burger boat for Lyle and Jenna, because we got our first   real burger boat bite of the season!!! Ron got a beauty on down at the garden right as we were tying up to serve up lunch. He got it in the boat and it was a 12 pound football of a fish! There was also an awesome orca show down at the garden, and it seemed like the whole hour we were there there was a constant stream of orca’s coming down the straight. The orca’s didn’t scare the fish away! Gary got a beauty 18 pounder, Bret, Jesse, and Gordon got a few nice high teeners. Aridana and Jane caught triplet 14 pounders, and Bill took the big fish chair with a 20 pound chinook! The next day, Hugh and Bruce got into a few low teeners, and Andrew hauled in a 14 pound hawwwg! On the last day, Andrew topped off his freezer with a 12er, and Al brought in a nice taco fish!Click here to see photos from this trip!