August 17th-20th

CommScope & Anixer

Another great trip has come and gone here at Sund’s. We had a group of 12 guests from Anixer and CommScope come to work and play. Kim Rheppard, Bob Eck, Eddie Edwardes, Bill Galvin, Peter Karlsson, Anne Marie Kenneally, Steve Leatherwood, Randy Mortensen, Jeff Hofstetter, Rick Arsenault, Kevin St. Cyr and Stephen Kowal all joined us from Texas, Chicago, the Carolinas, Toronto and West Virginia. These guys and gals had a lengthly meeting on their first day here, but they managed to unplug for the next couple days after that and they caught a ton of fish! Once this group got goin’ we couldn’t stop them. Some of them limited out after only 2 days of fishing! The chinook and coho are still coming through steady and the biggest fish of the trip was a 27lber caught by Stephen! The weather was absolutely beautiful and we were lucky to fish under sunny clear skies with just a little bit of wind towards the end of the trip. Thank you all for coming, see you upsteam. 🙂


Some nice springs, a hali and even a lingcod on captain Travis’s boat the first day!


Enjoying lunch on the beach!


Dave working hard over to the right of the picture.


Ksulidas Island 🙂


Ben teaching the group how to stroke a crab.


Randy, Jeff and Stephen killed the chinook on Magic Mike’s boat!


Bob, Rick and Eddie got some beauties on Ben’s boat!


Group shot!


Bill, Eddie and Jeff got into some nice salmon!


Kevin, Bob and Peter went hog farming!


Stephen, Rick and Steve had a good day of fishin’ with Keith!


Anne Marie, Randy and Kim slayed!