August 19th-22nd

What an amazing weekend of fishing!! We had Boris, Steve and Mitch join us from Saskatchewan. Bruce and Lisa were here for another trip, and they brought up their friends Wes and Uriah and Dick. Don Keen and Will Williams joined us from Texas, and we had the Kumzman family along with Micheal, Crista and Chris, and Pat and Leo joined us as well! The first afternoon was a bit slow, but Don hauled in a 19 pound chinook, and Was caught a 15 pounder. The crew on Jason’s boat caught about 800 herring for bait! Burger boat day was turned out to be super hot for salmon fishing! Boris, Steve and Mitch got into some nice low teeners, and a 17 pound chinook! Michael and grandpa Leo got a 13 and a 14, and Rebecca, Ted and Jack got into some beauty chinook weighing in at the mid teener mark, and even an 11 pound chum! Bruce and Uriah limited out with a 28 pound football of a chinook, as well as a few high teeners and pinky’s! Dick and Wes caught a 17 and 9 pound chinook. Will and Don had a killer day with captain Smitty! First, Don caught a nice lil’ chinook who wasn’t having such a great day. First, he somehow escaped from the jaws of an orca, and then he bit onto Don’s line. You can see in the photos below that this lil’ nookie has big scrapes along his body from what we are pretty sure was the orca’s teeth! Don also pulled in a 18 pounder, and Will caught a 10 pound halibut on the troll! Smitty took the guys to his hog hole first thing in the AM, and Will hooked into a beauty! Will fought it like a pro and landed it. Back at the dock this beauty weighed in at 36 pounds!! Don just wishes Will got into this one on the last day, or at least later in the day so he didn’t have to have it rubbed in for the rest of the trip!! How exciting for Will though, congrats on joining the tyee club!! Will’s luck didn’t run out that day though, the next day he got into a beauty 25 pounder, and Don caught a 16. Bruce and Dick limited out with high teeners, and Wes caught a beauty 12 pounder! Michael caught an 11 pounder during the morning bite, and Chris and Leo caught a couple good fish taco cod’s! Mitch and Steve caught a 16 and an 8 pound chinook, and even a chum! Boris went bottom fishing and he caught a quilly, turbit, and brown bomber all in one go! On the last day of fishing, Chris and Leo lucked out and got to keep two coho’s because they were hatchery! Christ caught a 12 pounder, and Rebecca’s beauty fish with captain Ben was so close to 30 Ben had to weigh it 3 times. Congratulations on your 29 pounder Rebecca! We all enjoyed a beautiful sunset on the last night, which filled the sky with cotton-candy colours!Click here and scroll down to see photos from this trip!