August 20th-23rd

Hello Sunshine! We’re finally getting some summer weather around here! Its been mostly hot and sunny here for the past week, with only a little bit of wind. This weekend we have Martin and Birgit staying with us all the way from Germany, as well as Bruce and his dad, his brother-in-law’s and a cousin. We also have Steve and Adrian Hobbs joining us from the interior of BC, and a family from Vancouver! The beautiful weather has finally rolled in, and now we are waiting on the fish! Our guides have been trying their very best to get them to bite, but the fishing has been pretty spotty the last couple of days! We’ve been trying new spots that haven’t been fished in years, and trying every different type of gear! On the first afternoon, Ronan picked up a beauty 15lber, which won him the big fish chair for the evening! We enjoyed a lovely burger lunch on shore the next day due to the high seas in the straight. However, the wind blew in a few nice ‘nookies including Martin’s 15lber, and Steve was crowned king after he reeled up a beauty 16 pounder! The next day we woke up to beautiful sunny skies and a slight breeze, which slowly picked up throughout the day. However, there are lots of little bays and coves we can fish in while staying out of the wind. Bruce was fighting a nice chinook on Jacob’s boat when suddenly the fight got a little harder. A seal had gotten ahold of the fish and ran with it, leaving Bruce with nothing but a fish head! We weighed it back at the dock and it was a wopping 0.4lbs! Lance pulled up a 13 and a 10 pounder, and Cliff got a beauty 14! Ronan picked up a 12lb chinook as well as a 11lb chum! Gary got the biggest fish of the day on Adam’s boat, weighing in at 20lbs! The last morning of the trip was a success once again, as each boat brought home some dandy chinook including a beauty 28lber caught by Bruce!

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Ronan's beauty!

Ronan’s beauty!

Martin's Beauty!

Martin’s Beauty!

Check out Bruce's fish head!

Check out Bruce’s fish head!


A good day with Jason!

A good day with Jason!

Uncle Buck's fish on the last day!

Uncle Buck’s fish on the last day!

King Bruce :)

King Bruce 🙂