August 23rd-26th- Final Trip

We couldn’t have asked for a better group of guests to finish off our season with. Noli and Bill, and Tom and Heidi have joined us from LA. Long time friend John and his son-in-law Matt his son Matt Jr have joined us as well. Sally Sund’s sister Debbie and her friend Jane are here from Bellingham, and our friend Jeff is also here from San Diego! It’s a small crew to finish off the season, and a few nice chinook are still rolling on through!! The first afternoon was hot, which is unusual. Sally says the first afternoon is more like a “dress rehearsal”. Jeff showed us how it’s done when he reeled in a 17 pounder, and Deb caught a 10 pound chum! Matt Jr, our little fishing extraordinaire caught a 14 pounder with captain Smitty! Bill hauled a beauty pink! The next day, Smitty’s boat had a good day on the water! Bill caught a 13 pounder, Noli a 15, and Jane took the crown that night with a 20! It was a bittersweet lunch delivery to each boat, as it was our sous Chef Lyle’s last day at the Lodge! He’s off to enjoy a wedding, we’ll see you soon Lyle!  The next day we enjoyed another lunch delivered by grillmaster No.2, Dan, on the boat. Smitty had another hot day as the ladies Deb and Jane limited out on chinook in the low teens, and Jeff takes the crown again for the second time this trip with a 17 pounder!! On Jacob’s boat, John reeled up a 13 pound chinook, and Matt Jr caught a rockfish and an 8 pound chinook. When we got back into the dock, lil’ Matt couldn’t resist a little more fishing off the dock! He’s got the fishing bug, bad!! He got the guides involved in a little bull head fishing derby off the dock even after it got dark out, and he even had Chef dan participating. Matt Jr won with a starfish and a crab! His luck stayed with him the next morning, and he hauled in a pinky and a 19 pound ling cod!! Thank you all for being such a wonderful crew to serve and fish with for our very last trip! We celebrated Dave and Sally’s last trip on the final night with a little poetry written by the girls! Click here and scroll down to see photos from this trip!