August 2nd-5th

Hello everyone! This weekend we had the Haberman family come to join us, as well as Rob and Bob from Montana. We also had Richard, Andrew and Steven come join us for their bachelor party! The Katz family also came up to do some fishing for their 4th time. The first afternoon brought a few fish for fish tacos! Black bass were caught by Josh and Steven. ┬áThe next day brought a ton of fish! Conan’s boat loaded up on pink’s and a 20 pound chinook caught by Steven! Rob caught a 17lb chinook on LJ’s boat, and the Haberman’s caught a 25, 20 and 10 pound chinook with captain “Eggs Benny”. Daniel, Sam and Jacob caught a pink, a 14 pounder and an 11 pounder with Jason. On smitty’s boat, they loaded up with pinky’s and Brian caught an 18 pound chinook! On Jacob’s boat, Eli caught a 24.99999 pound chinook, which came in second place behind Rachel’s 25! A 16 pound chum was caught by Danny to end the day! This crew had an awesome time golfing in the field, feeding alpaca’s and deer, playing football, jumping off the dock, and taking lots of great photos and video’s with Jacob’s drone!! Check out the video posted on our Facebook page that Jacob put together! The wildfires in the interior of BC has caused the coast to become quite smokey, and although this was supposed to be some of the hottest weather of the summer, the smoke blocked out the sun. It did make for some amazing orange coloured sunrises and sunset’s however! This crew got the “picnic boat” out on the water the third day so they could continue fishing! It payed off when Bob and Rob hooked into come nice chinook weighing in at 7, 11 and 16 pounds. The Haberman’s cleaned up on Jason’s boat, and claimed the big fish chair 2 nights in a row after coming in with five chinook, with the biggest two weighing 17 pounds. Moshe caught a nice 12 pounder to end the trip on Conan’s boat. The Katz crew had to leave early on the last day to catch a flight so they didn’t get to fish the last morning, but they still went home with a bucket load of fish! On the last morning, a hatchery coho came into the dock, lucky for Steven because fishing is closed for wild coho as of August 1st! Bob and Jim had a weigh off because their chinook were so close in weight. Bob ended up sitting in the big fish chair to end the trip. We had a great time with all of you, and it was so nice to see friends old and new. Thank’s for coming to fish with us!

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