August 31st-September 3rd

Its been a wet week, but a good one with good company! Mike and Alyson Lynch joined us from Edmonds, as well as Chuck and Betty from Kelowna, and Sheri and Dave from the Seattle area. Bruce Barlean is back again with his friends Dick, Uriah and Wes. The rain held off for the first afternoon fish and Dick, AKA the codfather, came home an assortment of cod fish. Betty killed it with a 14lber, and Wes brought home a chum bucket. The second day lunch got rained out, but the fish were biting! Everyone came back to the lodge with fish! Wesley and Dick picked up a few in the high teeners with Jason, and Uriah got a 25 pounder and Bruce got a 23 with Jacob! Alyson beat Mike by a few pounds when she reeled up a 20lber, and Mike brought in a 12 with captain Smitty! Nice one Aly 🙂 We enjoyed a nice dinner in the dining room with the sound of rain on the roof. The crew on Keith’s boat loaded up with chinook in the high teens and a few rockfish! Burger boat day was beautiful, and the rain held off long enough for these guys to haul in a few slabs. Bruce picked up a 20, and Dick got a 18.5lber. Dave and Aly got a 11 and a 12lber with Jake! Change over morning was a beautiful one, and we woke up to a clear starry sky. These guys were so eager to hit the water that they were up far before dawn, which is at about 6:20am now. Chuck picked up a 23lber to end the trip, and Uriah and Dave almost tied with a 18lber and a 19. Thank you all for coming, we had a wonderful time fishin’ with you 🙂

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