August 6th-9th

This week we hosted a group of old friends who haven’t been to the lodge in about 7 years. Brian Larrabure used to bring a group up every summer, and now they have started the tradition again! Brian brought his family and a big group of friends, including the Maus family, the Murphy’s and the Esposito’s. It felt like we had one big happy family here! We also had 2 babies come along with the group! Joey Jr. and Gabriela are both about 6 months old, and our deck time quickly turned into baby snuggle time for the hostesses! Fishing started out a little slow on the first afternoon with a couple of pinks hitting the dock, but it only got better throughout the rest of the trip! On burger boat day, Tyler pulled in 2 big octopus while halibut fishing! Thats’s not something that happens everyday around here. The boys on Jason’s boat had a good day when Sam Sr. pulled up a beauty 17lb chinook and a 22lb halibut! Brian got a nice 19lb chinook and Steven got a 12lb hali. All good eaters! Stepan and Trevor had a great day with Jacob. Stephan got a huge 52lb halibut along with a 11lb chinook, and Trevor got a 18 and a 15! Nick got a few beers through the kelp bong 😉  The next day was one of the best fishing days of the summer so far- almost everyone loaded up with fish! Cari and Tyler got a 24lb and a 30lb halibut, along with their limits of chinook out on Keith’s boat! Cari got the big fish of the day with her 24! Ron and Shauna came in with twin 14lbers on Smitty’s boat. Nick and Trevor came in with twin 11’s from Coach’s boat! Mike and Maria got their limit’s of chinook on Jacob’s boat all in the low 20’s. Sam Jr, Sam Sr, and Joey got their limits of chinook along with a nice 43b hali on Jason’s boat! It was a great day on the water 🙂 With the trip coming close to wrapping up, we heard some talk around the dinner table on the last night about sleeping in and  “Pfftt we never catch anything on the last day.” Little did they know, there was a monster chinook swimming in the waters just minutes from our dock waiting to bite! Mike got his 3 year old son Samuel and his mother in law Maria up casually late on the last morning and headed down to Ben’s boat. These guys pulled up to the big rock, and were soon hooked up. The fight took about 15 minutes, and Mike was even bending down getting Samuel to reel in the fish. Eventually they got this sucker in the boat, and Ben calls it in on the radio, “DEFINITELY TROPHY CLASS” he says, “In the 40’s!”  Mike’s fish weighed in at 43lbs back at the dock, where we took pictures and measurements for it to get mounted. This fish beats last years big fish by 1 pound, and is the biggest of the season so far! It was the best ending we could have hoped for  for this group of old friends. Thank you all for taking the time out of your busy lives to come fish with us! See you upstream 🙂

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