August 9th-12th

Hey everyone! Thank’s for checking in. We just had a group of the Sund’s family and friends come up for their last visit here while the Sund family is running the lodge. We had a great couple days of fishing, with the revival of halibut from our guide Jason’s secret hole! Brent knew that halibut fishing hasn’t been as hot as usual this year, but he insisted on trying anyways. It turned out to be a good way to spend the afternoon, and it payed off when Brent hooked into a beauty 19.5 pound halibut. Brent also got an 18 and 8 pound chinook, so he was one happy guy when he came into the dock! Rick and Bonnie also hooked into 15 and 13 pound halibut, as well as a 17 pound chinook! Cousin Bryson caught a 13 pound chinook, and Uncle Travis caught a 12 pounder with Ben! Darren was super stoked about his 11 pounder. The smoke started to clear for the beach bistro, and the fishing was hot! The Armbruster’s caught a 15lb chinook, a 14lb halibut, and a 16lb halibut with captain Jason. Smitty’s boat did great, and Jim came in with a beauty 25 pounder, and Linda caught a nice 12. Darren bumped Jim out of the big fish chair with a 26 pounder, and Porter and Ty caught 17 and 15 pound chinook! Change-over morning treated these guys great! Arianna and Travis caught twin 20 pounders, Porter pulled in a beauty 15 pound chinook, and Erich, Ava and Grayson caught 22, 16 and 9 pounders! Jim caught a nice 12er to end the trip!  It was a sad day for Scott and his family as they walked down the dock for the last time as lodge owners. They spent their last evening here walking on the beach after enjoying a lovely dinner with Heather’s family and with a group of close friends who know this place just about as well as they do. Big changes are coming for Sund’s lodge, and it is going to be such a bittersweet ending to the summer! Click here to see photos from this trip!