The End of the 2017 Season


From the Staff to our guests- we just wanted to say a huge thank you from the Sund’s Lodge staff for yet another unforgettable season! After our last group of (amazing!) guests left the dock, the staff took the next couple hours and days to close up, pack up, and reminisce about the past few summers working in this incredible piece of paradise. Thank you to all our guests for sharing your time, stories, advice and memories with us, we have made so many new connections and friends from all over the world, and we want to thank you for choosing Sund’s Lodge. Its our pleasure to share with you the beauty of the area, and the connection to wildlife that we all grew up experiencing. We hope you felt right at home while you were at our service.

To the Sund family- thank you from your staff for making us all feel like a part of your family as employee’s, and for providing us with opportunities we could not get at any other summer job. Thank you for helping us through university, our first cars, raising our families, relationships, life, influencing our work ethic from here on out and allowing us to create lifelong friendships between us staff members.

We are excited for Bruce and Lisa Barlean to take over for next season as they continue to build upon the extraordinary lodge experience the Sunds have created. A couple things in store for next season are expanded fishing areas and a “refresh” to the lodge and cabins.  Most of the staff will be returning next year, and they hope to see familiar guests visiting in 2018.  The Barleans will be taking over the social media accounts soon, so please keep following for updates on the upcoming season and of course, our big fish contest winners!



August 23rd-26th- Final Trip

We couldn’t have asked for a better group of guests to finish off our season with. Noli and Bill, and Tom and Heidi have joined us from LA. Long time friend John and his son-in-law Matt his son Matt Jr have joined us as well. Sally Sund’s sister Debbie and her friend Jane are here from Bellingham, and our friend Jeff is also here from San Diego! It’s a small crew to finish off the season, and a few nice chinook are still rolling on through!! The first afternoon was hot, which is unusual. Sally says the first afternoon is more like a “dress rehearsal”. Jeff showed us how it’s done when he reeled in a 17 pounder, and Deb caught a 10 pound chum! Matt Jr, our little fishing extraordinaire caught a 14 pounder with captain Smitty! Bill hauled a beauty pink! The next day, Smitty’s boat had a good day on the water! Bill caught a 13 pounder, Noli a 15, and Jane took the crown that night with a 20! It was a bittersweet lunch delivery to each boat, as it was our sous Chef Lyle’s last day at the Lodge! He’s off to enjoy a wedding, we’ll see you soon Lyle!  The next day we enjoyed another lunch delivered by grillmaster No.2, Dan, on the boat. Smitty had another hot day as the ladies Deb and Jane limited out on chinook in the low teens, and Jeff takes the crown again for the second time this trip with a 17 pounder!! On Jacob’s boat, John reeled up a 13 pound chinook, and Matt Jr caught a rockfish and an 8 pound chinook. When we got back into the dock, lil’ Matt couldn’t resist a little more fishing off the dock! He’s got the fishing bug, bad!! He got the guides involved in a little bull head fishing derby off the dock even after it got dark out, and he even had Chef dan participating. Matt Jr won with a starfish and a crab! His luck stayed with him the next morning, and he hauled in a pinky and a 19 pound ling cod!! Thank you all for being such a wonderful crew to serve and fish with for our very last trip! We celebrated Dave and Sally’s last trip on the final night with a little poetry written by the girls! Click here and scroll down to see photos from this trip!

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August 19th-22nd

What an amazing weekend of fishing!! We had Boris, Steve and Mitch join us from Saskatchewan. Bruce and Lisa were here for another trip, and they brought up their friends Wes and Uriah and Dick. Don Keen and Will Williams joined us from Texas, and we had the Kumzman family along with Micheal, Crista and Chris, and Pat and Leo joined us as well! The first afternoon was a bit slow, but Don hauled in a 19 pound chinook, and Was caught a 15 pounder. The crew on Jason’s boat caught about 800 herring for bait! Burger boat day was turned out to be super hot for salmon fishing! Boris, Steve and Mitch got into some nice low teeners, and a 17 pound chinook! Michael and grandpa Leo got a 13 and a 14, and Rebecca, Ted and Jack got into some beauty chinook weighing in at the mid teener mark, and even an 11 pound chum! Bruce and Uriah limited out with a 28 pound football of a chinook, as well as a few high teeners and pinky’s! Dick and Wes caught a 17 and 9 pound chinook. Will and Don had a killer day with captain Smitty! First, Don caught a nice lil’ chinook who wasn’t having such a great day. First, he somehow escaped from the jaws of an orca, and then he bit onto Don’s line. You can see in the photos below that this lil’ nookie has big scrapes along his body from what we are pretty sure was the orca’s teeth! Don also pulled in a 18 pounder, and Will caught a 10 pound halibut on the troll! Smitty took the guys to his hog hole first thing in the AM, and Will hooked into a beauty! Will fought it like a pro and landed it. Back at the dock this beauty weighed in at 36 pounds!! Don just wishes Will got into this one on the last day, or at least later in the day so he didn’t have to have it rubbed in for the rest of the trip!! How exciting for Will though, congrats on joining the tyee club!! Will’s luck didn’t run out that day though, the next day he got into a beauty 25 pounder, and Don caught a 16. Bruce and Dick limited out with high teeners, and Wes caught a beauty 12 pounder! Michael caught an 11 pounder during the morning bite, and Chris and Leo caught a couple good fish taco cod’s! Mitch and Steve caught a 16 and an 8 pound chinook, and even a chum! Boris went bottom fishing and he caught a quilly, turbit, and brown bomber all in one go! On the last day of fishing, Chris and Leo lucked out and got to keep two coho’s because they were hatchery! Christ caught a 12 pounder, and Rebecca’s beauty fish with captain Ben was so close to 30 Ben had to weigh it 3 times. Congratulations on your 29 pounder Rebecca! We all enjoyed a beautiful sunset on the last night, which filled the sky with cotton-candy colours!Click here and scroll down to see photos from this trip!

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August 16th-19th

Hey all you Sund’s Lodge blog followers! This past week we had a group of friends come to fish and relax here at Sund’s Lodge. Bret and Jesse joined us, along with our good doctor friends Al and Gary. Andrew and Gordon came to do some fishing, but mostly exercising as Andrew ran almost a half marathon each day. Sally and Dave’s friends Sandra and Ron came up for one last visit here at the lodge. Bruce and Lisa joined us again, and brought their friends Hugh and Jane who came all the way from Australia, along with Bill and Aridana! The first day was a success on captain Jason’s boat when Aridana caught twin 15 pounders and Bill caught a 10 pounder and a 13! Hugh, and Gary caught 13 pound chinook. Must have been school coming through! This was a very memorable burger boat for Lyle and Jenna, because we got our first   real burger boat bite of the season!!! Ron got a beauty on down at the garden right as we were tying up to serve up lunch. He got it in the boat and it was a 12 pound football of a fish! There was also an awesome orca show down at the garden, and it seemed like the whole hour we were there there was a constant stream of orca’s coming down the straight. The orca’s didn’t scare the fish away! Gary got a beauty 18 pounder, Bret, Jesse, and Gordon got a few nice high teeners. Aridana and Jane caught triplet 14 pounders, and Bill took the big fish chair with a 20 pound chinook! The next day, Hugh and Bruce got into a few low teeners, and Andrew hauled in a 14 pound hawwwg! On the last day, Andrew topped off his freezer with a 12er, and Al brought in a nice taco fish!Click here to see photos from this trip!

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August 12th-15th

The summer is coming close to an end but things certainly aren’t slowing down around here! This week we had our good friends Martin and Birgit come all the way from Germany to fish with us! Our hostess Emily brought her Mom Natalie and her boyfriend Gary up to fish, and they must have brought a good luck charm with them because they brought home a ton of fish! We also had 6 beer guys from Santa Rosa, California as well as 3 brother in law’s from Washington. Ron Bernal brought up his daughter Katherine and her friend Maddie who have been coming for many years! It was great to re-connect with our long time friends, as well as meet a few new ones! Natalie had a great first afternoon with Conan, and she hooked into a monster 15 lb chinook, and a 13 lb chum which earned her the queen’s chair. Maddie got into a 10 pounder, and Scott caught a 10 pounder as well! The luck didn’t stop for Natalie and Gary when they went out with LJ the next day. They came in with a 14, 15 and 12 pounder. Shane and Jon came in with a 15 and 8 pound chinook. Marc caught a 17 with Jay, and Ben had Kat, Maddie and Ron on his boat. They had a great time, and got into a few fish too. Kat took the chair that night with a 22 pounder, as well as a 14 pounder. Maddie caught a 12 and Ron caught 14 and 15 pound chinook. The pinky’s are coming through strong still, and Ramy, Birgit and Gary all took advantage of these perfect BBQing fish. Tony got into a 12 pounder, Pat an 18, and Martin got a beauty 16 with captain Conan. Natalie got yet another chinook weighing in at 14 pounds! The last morning of the trip was the best for fishing, and a ton of good sized fish came in. Marc got into a 18 pounder with captain Jason, and Pat caught a 10 lber. Gary caught twin 17 pounders, and Birgit got into a few low teeners. Kyle took home the second biggest fish of the trip weighing in at 21 pounds. This crew departed on one of the nicest day’s we’ve had since the smoke and fog rolled in a week or so ago. It has been clear sunny skies since then! Click here to see photos from this trip!


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August 9th-12th

Hey everyone! Thank’s for checking in. We just had a group of the Sund’s family and friends come up for their last visit here while the Sund family is running the lodge. We had a great couple days of fishing, with the revival of halibut from our guide Jason’s secret hole! Brent knew that halibut fishing hasn’t been as hot as usual this year, but he insisted on trying anyways. It turned out to be a good way to spend the afternoon, and it payed off when Brent hooked into a beauty 19.5 pound halibut. Brent also got an 18 and 8 pound chinook, so he was one happy guy when he came into the dock! Rick and Bonnie also hooked into 15 and 13 pound halibut, as well as a 17 pound chinook! Cousin Bryson caught a 13 pound chinook, and Uncle Travis caught a 12 pounder with Ben! Darren was super stoked about his 11 pounder. The smoke started to clear for the beach bistro, and the fishing was hot! The Armbruster’s caught a 15lb chinook, a 14lb halibut, and a 16lb halibut with captain Jason. Smitty’s boat did great, and Jim came in with a beauty 25 pounder, and Linda caught a nice 12. Darren bumped Jim out of the big fish chair with a 26 pounder, and Porter and Ty caught 17 and 15 pound chinook! Change-over morning treated these guys great! Arianna and Travis caught twin 20 pounders, Porter pulled in a beauty 15 pound chinook, and Erich, Ava and Grayson caught 22, 16 and 9 pounders! Jim caught a nice 12er to end the trip!  It was a sad day for Scott and his family as they walked down the dock for the last time as lodge owners. They spent their last evening here walking on the beach after enjoying a lovely dinner with Heather’s family and with a group of close friends who know this place just about as well as they do. Big changes are coming for Sund’s lodge, and it is going to be such a bittersweet ending to the summer! Click here to see photos from this trip!

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August 5th-8th

Hello Sund’s Lodge blog followers! This weekend we had Larrabure Framing and Silverline come to fish with us! It was a bit of a struggle getting this crew to the lodge with cancelled flights, delayed flights, smoke and fog, but by the final day we finally had everyone together in the dining room! This crew had to skip the first afternoon fish and wait until the early AM to hit the water. Waiting payed off for Ben’s boat when Shauna caught a beauty 25 pounder, Joey a 13, and Vinnie got the biggest fish of the day, and trip weighing in at 27 pounds. Tom caught a 15 pounder with Capt. Jacob, and Sam Jr. caught a 13, John a 22, and Kris broke the curse with Roland with her 15 pounder! When the Murphy’s finally arrived, Steven caught a 20 pounder, and Sam Jr. hooked into a 21 and Sam Sr. and John caught twin 11 pounders. Shauna was on fire this trip, and got into another chinook, weighing in at 13 pounds. The last morning treated this crew good, and John and Sam Sr. got into some nice ones with Ben weighing 14 and 22lbs. Sam Jr got the chair at brunch with a 25 pounder! We wish we got into a few more fish with you guys this trip, but thats why they call it fishing, not catching. We had a great time with you all, thank you for being so friendly! Click here to see more photos from this trip!


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August 2nd-5th

Hello everyone! This weekend we had the Haberman family come to join us, as well as Rob and Bob from Montana. We also had Richard, Andrew and Steven come join us for their bachelor party! The Katz family also came up to do some fishing for their 4th time. The first afternoon brought a few fish for fish tacos! Black bass were caught by Josh and Steven.  The next day brought a ton of fish! Conan’s boat loaded up on pink’s and a 20 pound chinook caught by Steven! Rob caught a 17lb chinook on LJ’s boat, and the Haberman’s caught a 25, 20 and 10 pound chinook with captain “Eggs Benny”. Daniel, Sam and Jacob caught a pink, a 14 pounder and an 11 pounder with Jason. On smitty’s boat, they loaded up with pinky’s and Brian caught an 18 pound chinook! On Jacob’s boat, Eli caught a 24.99999 pound chinook, which came in second place behind Rachel’s 25! A 16 pound chum was caught by Danny to end the day! This crew had an awesome time golfing in the field, feeding alpaca’s and deer, playing football, jumping off the dock, and taking lots of great photos and video’s with Jacob’s drone!! Check out the video posted on our Facebook page that Jacob put together! The wildfires in the interior of BC has caused the coast to become quite smokey, and although this was supposed to be some of the hottest weather of the summer, the smoke blocked out the sun. It did make for some amazing orange coloured sunrises and sunset’s however! This crew got the “picnic boat” out on the water the third day so they could continue fishing! It payed off when Bob and Rob hooked into come nice chinook weighing in at 7, 11 and 16 pounds. The Haberman’s cleaned up on Jason’s boat, and claimed the big fish chair 2 nights in a row after coming in with five chinook, with the biggest two weighing 17 pounds. Moshe caught a nice 12 pounder to end the trip on Conan’s boat. The Katz crew had to leave early on the last day to catch a flight so they didn’t get to fish the last morning, but they still went home with a bucket load of fish! On the last morning, a hatchery coho came into the dock, lucky for Steven because fishing is closed for wild coho as of August 1st! Bob and Jim had a weigh off because their chinook were so close in weight. Bob ended up sitting in the big fish chair to end the trip. We had a great time with all of you, and it was so nice to see friends old and new. Thank’s for coming to fish with us!

Click here to see photos from this trip!

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July 29th-August 2nd

Another 5 day trip has come and gone

the Mathews were here, its had been so long.

The Mower’s brought Michelle and Ryan along,

and the fish were coming in strong!

The Puckett brothers came with the Barlean crew,

It was great to see friends, old and new.

The first afternoon was pretty slow,

but everyone got to see the whales blow.

On the second day of the trip the chinook started to bite,

and Susan’s 20 pounder sure put up a fight.

Rod caught two high teeners,

and released a few smaller feeders.

The picnic was out at Lizard Point

that place never disappoints.

The coho’s and pinky’s keep biting our hooks

They’re perfect for the BBQ and are easy to cook!

Mike caught a 10 pound halibut, and a 17 pound chinook,

he held up the two for a picture for the photo book.

Seven chinook were caught on the last full day,

and a few chum were caught maybe in Mitchell Bay.

Marilyn caught the big one for the day weighing in at 21 pounds,

Over the years here she has got to wear all of the crowns.

On the last morning of the trip Brian and Robert did well,

they have a few new fish stories they are heading home to tell.

We hope you all had a great time,

and enjoy this sweet little rhyme!


Click here to see photos from this trip!


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July 26th-29th CalPortland

CalPortland!! We miss you already! Thank you CalPortland for an amazing time last week! We had a great time hanging out with you and doing a little fishing too! On the first night Pete was the king in the fish chair after catching a 15lb chinook. Stratos was close behind with a 14 pounder, and Loren brought in a 20lb lingcod. Loren was a little disappointed after Pete forgot to specify that the “biggest salmon” would be winning the bet each day. On day 2, CalPortland slayed all the coho and pink’s in the vicinity of Malcolm Island!! A huge congratulations to Steve for catching a 41 pound chinook on captain Smitty’s boat and taking the lead for biggest fish of the season! Could this be the fish that wins Steve a free trip back to Sund’s Lodge next year?? Kyle also brought in a 17lb halibut, Jim a 12lb chinook, and Brian an 11lb chinook! These guys also had some amazing weather, and after being blown off the water the previous year, they were happy to have calm seas. The boys on Jake’s boat had an awesome day with Joe having brought in a beauty 20 pounder, and Loren with a 15. Roland  came in to guide, and Stratos hooked into a 17 pounder with him! Brian and Ron also got into a few smaller sized chinook, and Ray got into a 5.5 lb coho! The rest of the crew hauled in all the pinky’s and coho you could imagine! The last morning brought good luck to Pat who was fishing with Ben, who came into the dock with a 23 pound chinook, and a 33 pound chinook! For both the guy’s who caught tyee’s this trip, it was only their second time fishing! Great job guys, we hope to see you again in the future. We will miss you! Click here to see photos from this trip!

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