A Great Finish To Our 2013 Season!

Hello again to all who read these musings on fishing and other exciting Sund’s Lodge happenings by me, Millartime.

We have had a fantastic group of people in from Minnesota, BC, and Washington over the past week. Also great was the weather again this week. The marine mammals were out in full force everywhere, too. I was netting a herring ball, and we had just drifted 20ft. away from the ball, when a humpback came up beside us and ate the rest of the herring in several lunges. It was awesome to witness so close! Humpbacks were breaching and tail slapping everywhere this week as well, including a multiple breach ‘a distance’ from Big Jim’s boat in Mitchell Bay. Orcas were circling Lizard Point while we were on the beach there for our Bistro, and porpoise, sea lions, and seals were everywhere during the week!

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A fun trip ends Monday!

Hey everyone, it’s the blog master Millar with a trip report for Aug 16th through 19th. Some of our regular guests arrived on Friday, from Oklahoma, including Doug and Isaac Jacobson, Brian Exline, David Raubach, and Jim Turner. New guys, Steve and Brandon Spear, with friend, Eric arrived from Seattle. Another group in from Seattle were friends of Dave Lowry, who has spent the entire week here entertaining his crew. Mike McKernan, Tim McMann, and the Alhadeff guys. Missing was Sam Alhadeff’s buddy Jay, who we all heard so much about.

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Mixed Family Group Ends With Another Tyee!!

Millar here again with a quick report from our last morning of the trip. The crew’s on many of the boats got into some nice chinook this morning. The top prize of the trip went to Jim Ribary who was fishing with Keith off of PNP, when he hooked into a behemoth, weighing in at 35 on our scale!! Jim had been going on and on about catching a Tyee this morning, and he proved that he wasn’t full of beans when he produced the big boy of the trip. Way to go Jim!!

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Our 5 day group for August 5th thru 9th was a great success.

Hey everyone, it’s Millartime here, again, with a weekly trip report. A mixed group of family and friends were in for 5 days. Tom and Kathi Fisher joined us on their first trip here, as did Jeremy Teasell and his son, Ryan. Ron Bernal brought his daughter, Katherine, on their 7th trip here to Sund`s! They brought their friends, Mark and Maddie Sawyer with them. The Parkis and Shempp father-son crew came for their first trip here, and the Birchtenbrieter`s were back from Germany for another year! Last but definitely not least, was Don Campbell and four of his friends from Fort MacMurray, Alberta. They all came to enjoy what Sund’s has to offer which includes: great food and fishing, and a fun and capable staff that will go out of their way to make you enjoy your stay here!

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Great Group Takes Off After A Fun And Fishful Trip!

Our mixed group of friends arrived on Friday afternoon to calm sunny weather. It would be the same for the rest of the trip! The Schellenberg’s returned, and this time they brought Sharyn’s dad and mom fromWinnipeg, Don and Diane. Gloria Grove and Michael Jackson, with their friends, Mohamed (KingMo), and Josh returned again this year after joining us last August. New groups in were the Niebruegge guys from Edmonds, Washington, and the Maskell`s with their friends, Andy and Chris. Rounding off a fun crew was the father-son duo of Eddie and Adrian Rey out of Florida.

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Mixed Friends Trip

It’s Millartime here, again, with another trip report. We had a bunch of couples in this weekend, most of whom had been here to the lodge before. The Waizenegger and Filo boys came in from the SanFran area as well.

Day one showed some promise early when the crew spread out around Blackfish Sound, and several boats hit fish early. The first to hit were Nick’s and Taylor’s at the Wall. Don Berntsen on Taytay’s boat hit into a low 20’s chinook that they wrestled for half an hour with a seal for! Unfortunately, the seal finally won. Cyndi Blau had a similar fish that spat the hook 2 ft. from Dancer’s waiting net. Across from them, at Cracroft, I fished with Team Waizenegger. Uwe showed the new guys how to get ‘er dun, when he landed a nice 15lb chinook that we wacked off of Rollie’s tree, my favourite spot there. Nick Waizenegger boated a good sized coho minutes later to round out our action. Top Dawg Sund had the Santi family, and he put them into a large coho and 2 pinks. The crews in Mitchell Bay on Emily’s and John’s boat caught some nice coho as well. It was a nice start to the trip.

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