A Great Finish To Our 2013 Season!

Hello again to all who read these musings on fishing and other exciting Sund’s Lodge happenings by me, Millartime.

We have had a fantastic group of people in from Minnesota, BC, and Washington over the past week. Also great was the weather again this week. The marine mammals were out in full force everywhere, too. I was netting a herring ball, and we had just drifted 20ft. away from the ball, when a humpback came up beside us and ate the rest of the herring in several lunges. It was awesome to witness so close! Humpbacks were breaching and tail slapping everywhere this week as well, including a multiple breach ‘a distance’ from Big Jim’s boat in Mitchell Bay. Orcas were circling Lizard Point while we were on the beach there for our Bistro, and porpoise, sea lions, and seals were everywhere during the week!

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The Flora Springs Winery Trip.

Flora Springs Winery brought their distributors from around the States to Sund’s again this year, and what a fun time it was. Great weather, good salmon fishing, and several big halibut made for an exciting trip this time around!

Tyee Taylor Logan put his guests onto some large salmon, including a couple of trophy class chinook, while Tiny Dancer and I had guests hook into larger than normal halibut, with a 200+er being boated by Richard on Tiny’s boat! All boats had nice action on chinook, coho, pink and smaller halibut as well. Day 2 had Matt land a 29lber with Taylor, while the big halibut was landed out at C&B reef. The dock was loaded with nice chinook, coho, and halibut by days end, after a great bite at the Bluff.

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Staff prepare for our first group.

A day of fishing and exploring was enjoyed by some of the crew who took a day long trip up into the beautiful mainland inlets last week! Burnie Knibbs, Dave Sund, and Geoff Millar had a blast running the inlets and fishing their way through some old hotspots the other day, on what was their last real day off for a long spell. They took the trip just before most of the regular crew arrived for the summer, and spent the day enjoying the fishing, the scenery, and the good company of old friends. They caught a few nice salmon along the way too!

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Salmon fishing solid as season draws near.

Welcome back to all you blog watchers as we kick off another season at Sund’s Lodge! I truly hope the winter has treated you all as well as it has me, the local blogger. Work in my field is hard to come by in the off season, so I spent many a day doing finger push-ups and curls to keep my typing hands in shape during the long winters here.

Preseason fishing by some of our guides and lodge friends has proven successful for chinook salmon and halibut.

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The Birth of Schuyler Clay Sund

Friends of Sund’s Lodge- we wanted to share some wonderful news.  Scott and Heather welcomed a son into the world on Sep. 17.  His name is Schuyler Clay (called SKYE) and he is a tremendous blessing. He weighed 7 lbs, 14 ounces and already is growing like a fish.  The other kids (Avery, Kincaid, and Harper) are all madly in love with this little fellow and Scott and Heather are over the moon.  Here are a few photos from his first days.  Enjoy!  If you are visiting in 2013, perhaps you’ll get to meet baby Schuyler!

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