Daily Fish Photo’s – Thursday August 1st

Captain Tiny¬†shows our interested guests how to clean the crab at today’s Beach Bistro.

Mmm, Crab Butter!

Scott, Pam, and her crab pose for a photo.

Dock Gal Jenna stokes the fire. Let’s cook some crab!


After a morning out on the water our guests are hungry and stock up on food for some extra afternoon energy!


Cheers for the bistro and another great afternoon to come out on the water!

Bobbie and Brian with their beautiful butt’s and Brian’s Chinook.

Stephanie caught her limit of Chinook’s today!

Out on the water today with Captain Taylor, Team Nebraska did it again!

Fred shows us his beautiful Chinook.

She came on this trip just to take pictures but Pam ended up doing much more than that! Today she brought this huge 31 lb Tyee back to the dock and became a proud member of The Tyee Club!

Some beautiful faces…

Hanna and Jeff with their boat load of fish!

Some more of Team Nebraska with even more fish!

Tyee Queen, Pam!