Daily Fish Photo’s – Thursday July 25th

Big Butt Bruce Morgan really got em today!

Captain Emily’s Crew and a few extra too! Our guests, Steve and Marcia, had a great day out on the water with Emily as Marcia was able to limit out with her 4 Chinooks! Now tomorrow it’s Steve’s turn!

Captain Geoff’s Crew had a great day out on the water with Don bringing in a Canary Rock Fish (first in Sund’s Lodge history?) and Bobby Clark with the fish of the day. A beautiful 20 lb Chinook!

Jane and Paul show off their butt’s!

Captain Keith’s Crew had a fantastic day out on the water and brought a nice boat load of fish back to the dock!

Our Twins are ready for some gambling and celebrations on the deck!

The Big Fish Celebration! Congratulations Princess Bobby!