Daily Fish Photo’s – Wednesday August 21st

The shore crew is ready to greet the boats!

Halibut that! Team Bond-O really bonded while bringing in Michael’s 65 lb fish. Nice ‘but, Michael!

Gary’s 13 lb Slab!

What a great day on the water for a great group of people!

Pull down on that scale!

Alyson and Mike stand behind their catches. Hanging on the scale is the biggest fish brought in on their boat today, Alyson’s 17 lb Chinook.

Chuck and Betty had another fantastic day out on the water today! This time they fished with Captain Taylor and Betty brought in the largest fish of the day! A dandy 20 lb Chinook.

This family team had a nice even day out on the water with each member bringing in a Pink and Quillback!


Celebration time with The Queen of Salmon and The Cardinal of Halibut!