Daily Fish Photo’s – Wednesdsay July 31st

Claudette and Kerry had a great morning out on the water guided by Top Dawg.

Jeff shows off his 12 lb and 13 lb Chinook’s


…and the 8 lb and 10 lb Hali’s that he and Hanna brought back to the dock today!

Captain Taylor and Stephanie proudly hold out Stephanie’s 25 lb Chinook!

Marty with his 22 lb Chinook.

Team Nebraska, this time with Captain Taylor, did it again!

Pam with her 19 lb Chinook.

Kevan enjoys a cold drink as he celebrates his 17 lb Chinook.

Kevan and Joy hold up their catches they brought in to the boat this morning with Top Dawg.

They thought in couldn’t be ‘Don’ but Don proved us wrong and brought this lovely 14 lb Chinook back to the dock today!

Susie was in to the fish again today and caught this nice 12 lb Chinook on Captain Tiny’s boat.

Brian and Bobbie had a successful day out on the water with Captain Ben!

Tonight Queen Stephanie was celebrated for her 25 lb Chinook! Way to go girl!