Flat Seas and Flatt-ies!

Beautiful weather was the theme when our guests came in on Tuesday. Many of our guests are returnees here at the lodge. Some, like the Naubert’s, have been coming for many years. Fishing was slow the first day, but a noteworthy fish was John Agee’s halibut, which was the season’s largest. Taylor had him and friend, Bob Fankhauser, and Bob’s daughter, Emily Fankhauser, on board. He took them to his favourite new hali hole that he found earlier this year. Fighting through swirly tides, John managed to get his herring down to the sweet spot and the 126cm halibut took the bait. When John pulled it up beside the boat, Taylor tried and tried to get a measurement on the flatfish, and after several measurements, he deemed it to be legal, and he harpooned the beast. It was exactly legal, and weighed in at 68lbs! A few other halibut were caught, including an 18lber brought in by Ed Thomson on my (Millar’s) boat, and a couple of “nice eaters”.

John Agee and the largest hali of the year, 68lbs!

Taylor’s crew with the 68lb halibut!

Ed Thompson with an 18lb halibut.

Day 2 brought more outstanding weather, and some pretty decent fishing. No really big chinook came in today, but there were a bunch of ’em up to 16lbs, and a slew of coho too! Also noteworthy were the dandy halibut that Debra and Nick Naubert caught with Cpt. Dancer at C&B. Using the “Set it and Forget it” technique, they quickly hooked and boated a 40lb and 34lb halibut. I had a great experience at the end of the afternoon as well. After a great day fishing with Sally Sund, and her friends, Marianne Busche, and Faye Clerget, I wanted to try for a lingcod with them, and had a fun new technique to try out. Using a special lure that our great guest and friend, Larry Hoeg, gave to me, I wanted to try trolling it through a known lingcod haunt that was on the way home. After dropping the rig down to 70′ on the rigger, I turned and started setting the other side with a large spoon that I have had success with for lings in the past. I just got it set, when Hoeg’s  “.50Caliber PomPom” hammered off! It wasn’t a lingcod though, unfortunately. Instead it was a 100lb halibut, and Faye Clerget expertly fought it up from the bottom before we released it unharmed. An awesome way to end the day on the water!

Fish be Gone, John’s crew

Keith’s crew

40lb. halibut makes Debra the halibut princess.

A couple of big deals, Ben Jorgenson and Dave Sund!

Tiny’s crew

Faye caught a 100lb halibut today. 

Mike Rowan had the largest salmon of the day, a 16lb. Chinook!

The rig that caught the big halibut.