Great Group Takes Off After A Fun And Fishful Trip!

Our mixed group of friends arrived on Friday afternoon to calm sunny weather. It would be the same for the rest of the trip! The Schellenberg’s returned, and this time they brought Sharyn’s dad and mom fromWinnipeg, Don and Diane. Gloria Grove and Michael Jackson, with their friends, Mohamed (KingMo), and Josh returned again this year after joining us last August. New groups in were the Niebruegge guys from Edmonds, Washington, and the Maskell`s with their friends, Andy and Chris. Rounding off a fun crew was the father-son duo of Eddie and Adrian Rey out of Florida.

Also, freshly back from becoming a granddaddy and taking some time with family, was Old Man Duddridge!

Day 1 was slow for most. A few pinks, coho, and sockeye were hooked, but no halibut or chinook came in that afternoon.

Day 2 was off to a slow start as well, but by mid-morning the bite was in full swing, and 4 species of salmon were being caught regularly by everyone. Taylor’s and Grandpa Jim’s boats were catching coho and chinook off ofLadyEllenPointfrom about 9:45 until burgers arrived at around 11:30. Andy Clarke nailed the big one of the day, when he boated a 25lber on TayTay’s boat, minutes after jumping on from the Burger Boat. He was too tired to make the early call, but apparently it paid off! Halibut remained tough to catch today, but Granddaddy Jim, using his great age and countless years of experience, was very successful with his crew, team Grove. I guess he hasn’t forgotten everything quite yet!

Day 3 was witness to some great morning action off of the backside, where most of the boats fished from Donegal to Lizard. Lots of coho, and a few really nice chinook and pinks were caught there before the morning was out. The Beach Lunch was awesome at our regular cove. TenaciousTaylorwas up to something right off of the bat when we headed out, and took his crew to a bay nearby where they hooked into 2 teeners in a row and landed one. Halibut fishing remained slow and it was quite an effort to scrape up a few “good eaters” in the afternoon.

Our Beautiful Bistro Crew

Mo shows no mercy for this poor crab!

Team Canada with their catches.


Adrian proudly holds out his beauty Chinook and Ling Cod.

Today’s fishing resulted in a boat full of fish for this group!

Gloria is happy with her 24 lb Chinook and looks forward to wearing the crown at dinner tonight!

Don and Diane pose with their couple of nice Chinookies and Don’s Halibut.

Jake smiles big beside his 13 lb Chinook caught on Captain Emily’s boat today!

The Schellenberg Family holds out their family of fish.

All hail the Queen!

Day 4 had some good action early again, and many coho were caught, as well as a few medium sized chinook, and smaller halibut.

Thanks to you all for joining us this time. It’s been a pleasure serving you!

Jeff brought in this nice 10 lb Halibut on Top Dawg’s boat this morning.

Eddie and Adrian hold out their 10 lb and 9 lb Chinook’s.

Gloria holds out her 11 lb Chinook which puts her in a position to sit in the chair for a second night in a row!

Mo with his 11 lb Chinook and 6.5 lb Hali.

On the deck the girls are sad to say goodbye to some great old and new friends!

The King and Queen of the morning share the robe.