Great weather arrived with our new guests yesterday!

After a nice first afternoon at Sund’s  yesterday, our guests enjoyed the finest day of the season today! Sunny and calm, and with a good number of fish around, it made for a lovely day! Old friends, Jack and Cyndi Sparacio brought one of our guests back, after over 20 years! Jack and Victor Reddick used to come to Sund’s Lodge back in the 80’s and early 90’s together, and it was great to have Victor back again! Also returning after 2 years were the Spiegel family and their friends, Greg and Stephen Crate,  who hail from Ontario and Florida. Benny Maresca and Hal Carper returned again, and we were glad to have them back. Bill and Lee Trotter returned, and this time they drug along their friends, Tom Turner, and Dennis Miller. Dennis Miller may not be the comedian that you may have heard of, but in my opinion he is the funnier of the two! Put ’em all together, and throw in some great fishing and weather, and you have the makings for an awesome weekend at Sund’s! Here are a few pictures from the first 2 days.

TayTay and his crew hit some nice ones at the gallery on the first afternoon.


The Dancer helped Cyndi Sparacio land this 12lber on the first afternoon.


Hal seated himself on the throne early this trip!


Cpt. Dancer took Jeff and Benn out for their limit of chinook, and Benn’s 26lb. slab was the winner today. Awesome day guys!


Millar had a heck of a time with his old pals, Jack, Cyndi, and Victor. A limit of nookers, and some bonus, pink, coho, and halibut as well!


All I can say is, these guys are really fun, and so was catching all those fish with T-bone Logan.


Benny and Hal switched spots today, with Benny nabbing the bigger chinook of the 2!

Benn Spiegel is used to being the king, or a least it seems like it here!