Group 10 – Mixed Friends – July 15 -18

Another group went home with mostly limits of Salmon! Unfortunately, the Halibut fishing slowed somewhat for most of these guests but they still went home with a few nice buts.

The weather was sunny and warm but that meant the North West winds blew fairly hard for these few days on the water. Still, our Captain’s knew the perfect spots to go to duck out of the wind and everyone was able to continue to fish successfully.


Troy, Dan, Speed and John brought in a nice bunch of fish today, a 24 lb Chinook, 15 lb Chinook and a 10 lb Coho!


John’s the Big Pig King for this group’s first day of fishing!


Dick and Bruce show off their big catches for the day, a nice 16 lb Chinook and a 9.5 lb Coho.


Captain Keith, Speed, John, Troy and Dan brought home four Coho, a 19 lb Chinook and a 17 lb Ling Cod.


John, Brian and Captain Travis looking great with their 12 lb Chinook, 10 lb Chinook and a 5 lb Coho.


Cecilia caught the big one of the day! A gorgeous 28 lb Chinook for this gal with Gary and Captain Jacob by her side!


John and Brian having a great time in the sun at Sund’s Lodge.


Cecilia is the Big Fish Queen for the day! The tiara suits her well.


Captain Jason and Brian P. hold out their hogs!


Brian with his handsome red snappers


John holds up his 19lb Chinook and gets some help from Captain Jacob who shows off his 25lber


A 21lb Chinook made Dan a happy man!


Captain Keith’s Crew of Bruce, Dick and Mike stand proudly with their fish


Captain Jason’s team had an amazing day on the water. This crew brought two Tyee’s (one a 30lber and the other 32lbs!), three red snappers, two cohos and a limit of Halis back to the dock!

The last morning for this group saw heavy rain and fog roll in. This stormy weather continued on to the point of no Kenmore flights being able to land at our dock which meant long days of travel for some of our guests. Luckily, this was the first this season that Kenmore has had to stop their flights in Campbell River on the way to the lodge, and it will hopefully be the last.