Group 2 – Whirlpool/Trail – June 16 to 20

This morning we said goodbye to our good friends from Whirlpool who brought along 22 of Trail appliances best sales people for their 6th consecutive trip to the lodge. With four days of wonderful fishing, almost everyone went home with their limit of Chinook and Halibut, plus several brought back some nice Lings to the dock. This group had some of the best fishing that we’ve seen in years and although only one Tyee was caught, many of the salmon were in the upper twenties.


Lisa is proud of her halibut on the first day of fishing


Manny and Captain Travis show off the fish they brought to the dock today


Captain Ben with his crew


Paul Wang makes it in to the Big Fish Chair with this beautiful Chinook


Gary, Paul Wang and Reade stand behind their fish


Manav is happy with the halibut he brought to the dock today

Along with great fishing the weather was perfect for these full days on the water, until Thursday with a South West wind almost took the lodge away! It was a very exciting dinner without power!


A Chinook and Hali for Aaron


On Captain Jim’s boat, Clayton, brought back the first Tyee of the season! A dandy 30 lber!


Captain Jason’s team of Aaron, Curt and Lisa really slayed the hali’s today


Captain Travis’ crew are excited with their but’s

Again, Whirlpool left the lodge happily, after a very fun, successful trip. Needless to say, we need to visit the liquor store first thing tomorrow morning!


A great time was had by all at the bistro on beautiful Lizard Point

After these first few groups of the season our new staff is fitting right in and doing an awesome job. Everyone is working great together as a team and we are looking forward to a sensational year of fishing!