Staff prepare for our first group.

A day of fishing and exploring was enjoyed by some of the crew who took a day long trip up into the beautiful mainland inlets last week! Burnie Knibbs, Dave Sund, and Geoff Millar had a blast running the inlets and fishing their way through some old hotspots the other day, on what was their last real day off for a long spell. They took the trip just before most of the regular crew arrived for the summer, and spent the day enjoying the fishing, the scenery, and the good company of old friends. They caught a few nice salmon along the way too!

Junior Knibbs poses with Dave Sund in front of Deep Sea Bluff, while on an all day excursion to the mainland inlets.

The regular crew started to trickle in late last week, and the guides were busy hunting for fish, and prepping their boats for the arrival of our first guests. Sounds tough! Just so you all know, they do more than fish on these days, as there is a lot of onshore prep that needs doing before the starting date comes. The servers, chefs, and maintenance crews are all working their fingers to the bone on these days to get our lodge in prime shape.

The crew was especially spoiled this last week, because our chefs were in need of some eager food critics to test their menu out on! If you are making your way up here this summer, you won`t be disappointed. Returning servers are Ria Duddridge, Marley MacGregor, and back again after a 2 year hiatus, Amber Aleksich who`s very excited to be back! New guides, Keith Richard Shaw, and Emily Rose Knox, join the team this year and both show a lot of promise. I, the blogger, normally spend most of my time locked up in a dark computer room, but even I can`t ignore the obvious enthusiasm of the group this year!

A good number of fish were caught on Saturday morning, with the rookie guides taking the lion`s share of the salmon. Biggest was a 26er caught by the old dog, T-bone, though!

Emily Knox limits out on chinook, while Taylor Logan follows his fishy sense into a buttload of butts!!



Some of the crew here on Day 3.

There was nothing Tiny about this limit of slabs that Tiny Dancer caught today. When everyone thought it was slow today, Nick decided to limit out on 20 something chinook! Next time, be more of a team player, Tiny!!