Hy-Pro and other friends say goodbye after a fun event-filled trip!

Our lovely lady Laurie did it again and caught this beauty Chinook on Captain Geoff’s boat nice and early this morning.

Its Millartime here again with an update. What a great trip we had over this past week, when a bunch of old customers came in! Larry Hoeg brought in his Hy-Pro crew and friends, while the Anderson’s from Oklahoma, the Medina’s from California, and the Carter and Friend guys rounded out the trip. The weather and the fish were cooperating this time. Most folks limited on chinook and coho, and some guests on halibut as well! Other exciting events were the catch, bonk, bleed, picture taking, and then release of a dandy 20lb. chinook, the first ever release of its kind here at Sund’s! New guide, John Geraghty, may be trying to start a new program here, hopefully it doesn’t catch on!! In other news, long-time guest, Ron Huseman, hooked into the big one on day 2. A humpback whale hooked up on his halibut gear, and spooled the reel before they decided to let it go! The whales stalked him for the next 2 days, looking for a chance at payback. Fortunately, they never got it! The big chinook of the trip hammered Emily’s “Joanna” anchovy head, on the last morning. Rick Boudreau was up to bat, and he expertly played the 33lb. slab into Emily’s waiting net after a series of runs and lunges near the boat! It was great seeing you all again. Until next time!!!

Captain Taylor guided Wayne into this nice Chinook on his final morning.

And it’s a Tyeeeee! Our favourite Canuck of the trip, Rick, brought in this 33lber on Captain Emily’s boat this morning winning him a seat in The Big Fish chair, an award for catching the biggest salmon, and he made it in to the Tyee Club! Pretty nice way to end a great trip!

Tyee Rick is crowned The Pope as we welcome him in to The Tyee Club!