July 1- July 4

Hey everyone, happy Thursday! Heres a little twist on the blog for this group.

We’ve just said goodbye to an awesome group of guests,

as soon as they hit the dock, they were ready to put our guides to the test.

We had the Lancaster/Sargent family come join us again from Cali,

and they brought the Okomoto family up to rally.

The Russell brothers also came up to reunite,

and finally let one of the ladies, Jocelyn, join the trip but she had to fight!

Mike, Kayla and Anye joined us again,

along with their buddy Terry and they fished with Ben.

Colin Chandler, who came up when he was an early teen,

returned again and brought his 90 year old Grandma Flo back to be queen.

The sun was shining, the rain stayed away,

this crew caught a ton of fish that the guides filleted.

On the first day Nolan got a 19lber but he lost to grandma Flo,

because she came into the dock with a 23 in tow!!

At dinner we celebrated Canada Day,

and Chef Dan makes sure its nothing but gourmet.

We also had our first couple of burger boat bites,

and little Karly’s lines sure were tight.

She is one of the youngest here to join the tyee club,

and 5 year old Brady wanted to celebrate by going to the rub pub!

Craig also caught a tyee and had an awesome day on the water,

and the next couple days the fishing was even hotter.

The 5 Russell brothers got a few nice ones too,

We are so glad you guys came, it was nice to see you!

The guides are so glad you all went home with fish,

we hope this trip was everything you’ve ever dreamed and wished!

Click here to see photos from the trip!