July 14th-17th

What a week! All of our staff are still recovering from this past trip, as we had the rowdy boys from Nevada Cement come to party with us. Tom Goodwin also joined us with his family from Idaho. Tom’s daughter-in-law Brooklyn, caught her first fish ever and now she’s hooked! This group loaded up on coho, pink, chinook…and beer. Although no tyees came into the dock, this group caught quite a few springs in the 20lb class with the biggest being 24lbs caught by Terry Cowan. Check out our facebook and instagram pages for more pictures! See you upstream.


Matt, Terry and Dave had a good day with Keith!


Tom and Kristin with their chinook!


Jesse, Cameron, Kyler and Brooklyn had a good first afternoon on the water. This was Brooklyn’s first fish!


Terry in the big fish chair!


Brooklyn and Kyler with all their fish.


Kurt and Travy with their catch of the day.


Beach Bistro with the Daron/Goodwin family.


The Nevada Cement boys.