July 22nd-25th

This past weekend we had a great group of people come and relax with us! Erich Armbruster- a long time friend of ours, came along with his father Larry. Their friends Graham and Willow joined, along with their siblings Nola and Danny! Paul and Paula came along too with their mother Jane. The “fishbowl” crew, Terry, Philip, Doug, Rick, Steve and Rickey came up to do some fishin’ as well! The trip started out strong, and Erich and Larry had some good luck with LJ as they came in with a 14, 7, and 23 pound chinook. On Jason’s boat, Rick caught a 19 and there were a few nice coho. We enjoyed a beautiful day for a burger boating once again, and the guys on the water had a good day of fishing. Jane and Paula picked up a couple low teeners, and Tanner and Jennifer had an interesting time getting in after they had a cancelled flight! They missed the first afternoon of fishing but they made up for it on the first full day when they caught a couple chinook in the low 20’s along with a couple beauty coho! Willow and Danny picked up a few nice sized chinook with Ben, but our largest salmon of the day was caught by Phillip and weighed in at 27lbs from Captain Jacob’s boat! Lizard point was once again the spot for the beach bistro, and our guests enjoyed some wine and a lovely lunch in the sun. This was a good day for chinook, and a couple 20 pounders were caught by Steve and Erich, and Doug and Phillip both caught 17lbers! Danny caught a 26, and a whole pile of Coho’s came in. The last morning Tanner and Jennifer had good luck once again, pulling in a 17 pounder as well as a nice coho and pink. Paul caught a 17 pound chinook, and Rickey caught a nice 18 pounder with Conan. The pink’s and coho are coming through stong along with some really nice sized ‘nookies! There is constant action on the rods, and the guides are having a hard time keeping the smaller salmon off in search of those springs! We look forward to our guests to come, and we are thinking of those who have come and gone and wishing you all a wonderful summer!

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