July 26th-29th CalPortland

CalPortland!! We miss you already! Thank you CalPortland for an amazing time last week! We had a great time hanging out with you and doing a little fishing too! On the first night Pete was the king in the fish chair after catching a 15lb chinook. Stratos was close behind with a 14 pounder, and Loren brought in a 20lb lingcod. Loren was a little disappointed after Pete forgot to specify that the “biggest salmon” would be winning the bet each day. On day 2, CalPortland slayed all the coho and pink’s in the vicinity of Malcolm Island!! A huge congratulations to Steve for catching a 41 pound chinook on captain Smitty’s boat and taking the lead for biggest fish of the season! Could this be the fish that wins Steve a free trip back to Sund’s Lodge next year?? Kyle also brought in a 17lb halibut, Jim a 12lb chinook, and Brian an 11lb chinook! These guys also had some amazing weather, and after being blown off the water the previous year, they were happy to have calm seas. The boys on Jake’s boat had an awesome day with Joe having brought in a beauty 20 pounder, and Loren with a 15. Roland ¬†came in to guide, and Stratos hooked into a 17 pounder with him! Brian and Ron also got into a few smaller sized chinook, and Ray got into a 5.5 lb coho! The rest of the crew hauled in all the pinky’s and coho you could imagine! The last morning brought good luck to Pat who was fishing with Ben, who came into the dock with a 23 pound chinook, and a 33 pound chinook! For both the guy’s who caught tyee’s this trip, it was only their second time fishing! Great job guys, we hope to see you again in the future. We will miss you!¬†Click here to see photos from this trip!