July 3-6

Happy 4th of July to all our American friends! We hope you all had a fun and fishy weekend. This weekend the Russell boys all came to reunite here at Sund’s Lodge and Bill Cavender brought along his sons and grandson for their annual fishing trip. Our guides had a ton of fun out on the water with these guys as they showed us how its done. You could tell it wasn’t their first time. Halibut fishing was hot this weekend with quite a few 20lbs+ hali’s coming into the dock with the largest being 36lbs caught by Kevin Russell. The coho and pinks are just starting to come through the inside passage here so start up your BBQ’s! The chinook are also coming through steady and these boys all went home with full fish boxes. Rick Russell’s box was especially heavy as he went home with a 34lb tyee. Click to read more.

Image 10

Alan and Reid slayed some springs with captain Ben!

Image 11

Rick, Nolan and Craig had a good last morning on Jason’s boat!


Reid and Paul got a few nice teener chinook along with a 30lb hali.


Craig, Nolan and Tim got a 20lb, 24lb, 18lb and a 20.5lb chinook on Benny’s boat!


Rick with his tyee! 34lb chinook!


Bill, Brook and Alan with their coho, pink’s and 13lb and 14lb springs.


The Russell brothers had a good day with Jason!


The Russell boys


Alan and Paul cleaning crab

Brook, Reid, Paul, Bill and Alan

Brook, Reid, Paul, Bill and Alan


Beautiful day on the beach!