July 30th-August 2nd

Its been a crazy fun weekend over here! We hosted a group of 10 kids, 13 adults, as well as Scott and Heather’s family of 4 kids. It been super fun having a bunch of kids adventuring around the property hitting golfballs, looking for crabs on the beach, and reeling in some nice fish! We have the Kreps family here from California, who supply some of our wines! We also have the Case family, the Armbrusters, the Habermans, and the Emerson’s! This crew had an interesting time getting here- as it was too windy for planes to land at our dock, and too windy for our boats to run! All the guests ended up coming over on the ferry to town, where we then had a caravan of vehicles bring everyone out to the lodge! We couldn’t go fishing the first afternoon because of the gale force winds, but we crossed our fingers before we went to bed and hoped the seas would calm by the morning. Sure enough, the wind died down enough overnight that we could hit the water early Sunday morning. Erich Armbruster started the trip out with a beauty 20lb chinook that put him in the big fish chair for the night, and Julia and Grandma Joyce Kreps came in with twin 18lb chinook! Nancy Case reeled up a nice 16lb chinook while her grandson Ty came home with a tink (Tyee Pink!) Ben caught a 13lber and Dennis came home with a 13lb chum! On the 3rd day, we enjoyed a beautiful beach bistro in the Pearse Islands before heading back out on the water for some afternoon fishing! Rachel Haberman showed us all how its done when she caught an 18lber, a 13lber, and a pink. Her arms were shaking when she got home! Her mom April brought home a 14b hali, and Carie Case showed her 2 boys how its done when she reeled up a 15lber! Ty got a pink and Porter got a 9lb chinook! Steve Kreps was fishing with Roland when he caught a 17lb chinookie to bring home! Fishing was hot on the last morning of the trip for the kids. Jessica got a pink, her brother Josh got a 7lb chinook, Grayson got an 11lber and Ava pulled up a beauty 17lber! We were super impressed with Sammy, who had incredible patience throughout the whole trip as he watched his little brother and other family members bring fish into the boat. He was waiting for the big one though, and thats exactly what he got on the last morning! Sam went out with his guide Jacob and got into a huge 29lber! He fought it like a pro 🙂 Sammy’s dad Dennis weighed in right behind him with a 25lber. Not a bad morning for the Kreps fam! The Case family came into the dock with a tote full! Darren and Nancy got nice hatchery coho, and Porter got a nice pink. Ty finished the trip off with a 24lb chinook on captain Keith’s boat! It was a great trip full of lots of laughs and we hope it was a relaxing family vacation for all of you 🙂 Thanks for coming!


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