July 5th-8th

Hello everyone! We hope you’re having a wonderful July so far. This past week, our crew was a group of old and new friends including John Komes, owner of Flora Springs Winery in the Napa Valley and his wife Carrie, as well as Jody and Sean, and  Chris and Debra. Jack and Cyndi Sparacio also joined us again for one final year of fishing with the Sund family. Jack has come to the lodge almost every single year that Dave has owned it. Marianne and Neill, close friends of Dave and Sally, also joined us. Don brought up Will and Bill, and Paul brought up his buddies Ken, Brook, Alan and Ed. We had a ton of fun fishing with these guys, and learned SO much about wine! As soon as these guys and gals got up the the main lodge after getting off the plane, Jody had to get inside and see her big fish that is on the wall in the dining room! She caught it 12 years ago with guide Roland out in Mitchell Bay right across from a rock on the beach now referred to as “Jody’s Rock” by the guides. It weighed 54 pounds, and is now up in the dining room right between our two big tables! Jody was set on getting another big fish, and she did end up being queen for the night after reeling in the biggest fish on the first afternoon weighing in at 17lbs! Our burger boat day was fantastic, and it was warm and sunny all day long! This group started a bet on the first day, and the biggest fish of each day got take home some $$, and the biggest of the trip got to take home even more. Will ended up winning on the second day with a 23 pounder, and his buddies didn’t do too bad either, bringing in some good size nookies with J-Bar, along with a kelp bong that was used by many on the back deck during the evening! Sean got a nice 20lber with captain Smitty, and Conan’s boat was once again on fire! This crew got to use their new earnings in a few games of pukwanna on the back deck in the evening. We enjoyed a lovely beach bistro on lizard point, and  although the fishing slowed a bit and Paul lost an absolute hawg on Jacob’s boat, Cyndi made it into the big fish chair with a nice 22 pounder! On the last morning, fishing picked up a bit again and Chris picked up a 20 on Benny’s boat, and Debra caught a coho! We had a lot of fun with this group, and we hope you enjoyed your stay!Click here to see photos from this trip!