July 6-10

This week we had a really fun group of guests join us for a 5 day trip. The Lancaster/Sargent family joined us for their 8th trip here at the lodge and Tony Rojas brought along his son and father in law. Also, Larry Hoeg brought up some of his team members from Hy-Pro for some fishin’. This group went through thick and thin to get here but nothing got them down. Their trip to Sund’s Lodge started out a little differently than most when the wildfires on the southern end of Vancouver Island caused a thick haze in the air that the float planes couldn’t fly through. This group flew from Seattle to Victoria, then bussed from Victoria to Port McNeill. So, instead of arriving at the lodge Monday afternoon, they arrived late Monday evening. After a full day of traveling and no fishing this group was eager to get on the water and start reelin’ in some fish, and that is exactly what they did. These guys absolutely slayed the fish the whole trip. 51 fish were brought onto the dock the first day of the trip, and it didn’t slow down from there. Click heading to read more. 

On the bus!

On the bus!

Foggy morning of fishin'

Foggy morning of fishin’

Blake and Brady halibut fishing.

Blake and Brady halibut fishing.


Roy with a 24lb chinook, Andrew with a 15lber, Captain Keith with a 16lber and Ardie with a 65lb hali. What a day.


A good day for Ed, Rob and Tony!


Larry, Richard and Andrew slayed.


These 3 had fun! They wore all camo to sneak up on the fish.


The Sargent/Lancaster fam had a good day with captain Ben!


Way to go John!


A good day with capt. Keith!


Ed’s 18lb linger!


Nice one Blake!


Ryan and Ron had a good day!


Our friends from Georgia at the Beach hunting for sasquaches.


65lb Hali!

65lb Hali!