June 24-27

The second trip of the season has come and gone already! This crew of mixed friends and families had a great time on the water and the ladies showed the guys how to fish! We had Chantal in the chair on the first night after reeling up a beauty 18  pounder with Smitty. We had a great time on the back deck the first couple of nights, and our serving staff learned a few things about farming, chickpeas, crossfit with Alex, travelling, and a ton of life advice. Smitty’s boat also caught the first halibut of the season, weighing in at 27lbs. Nice one Dean! Joann was queen for the night after catching an 18lber with captain Jay. Steve and Ted brought matching 15 pounders into the dock. The next day was super exciting when the ladies on Jacob’s boat hooked into a good one. The other rod got tangled up, so Chantal was left to fight the big one all her own while Jacob untangled the lines. She did it like a pro even though it was her first time salmon fishing! These guys showed up at the dock and hooked the fish onto the scale to reveal a whopping 37 pound chinook!! NEW BIG FISH CONTEST LEADER!! Congratulations to Chantal for joining the tyee club, and for stealing the lead from Lance’s 36lber from last trip. For those who haven’t heard yet, there is a big fish contest this year. Whoever gets the largest salmon of the season gets a free trip back next season, and 2nd place is 50% off, and 3rd is 30% off. On the last morning of the trip, Ted and Christi had a good morning with Randy. They reeled in a 15, a 14 and an 11lber for their freezers! All our guests left with fish, and our staff had a great time. Thank you all so much for coming- see you upstream.Click here to see photos from the trip!